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    Shure MV88 and iPhone X problem

    • Written by Thanh C from Corona Del Mar

    This mic dies not work on the iPhone X. It’s very frustrating. DO NOT BUY this mic if you’re using it on iPhone X. The sound drops out UNEXPECTEDLY without warnings in the middle of a recording. I’ve lost important recordings because of this. It works lesser 25% of the time. I’ve even bought another one thinking the first one was defective. Called Shure and they acknowledge the issue.
    Apple & Shure, Pkease fix this

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Can't Depend on It

    • Written by SCOTT S from New York

    I bought this on a whim after an Apple Store employee talked it up. But until someone provides a step-by-step tutorial (showing me I'm doing something wrong) I'll be returning this. Is there an LED light(s) that is supposed to turn on at the base of the mic? I have yet to see anything light. When I open the app more than half the time my iPhone 7 doesn't seem to recognize that the mic is even plugged in. It was recommended I gently clean my lightning jack. I did. It's still hit or miss as to whether or not the phone notices it's plugged in. And of course, using an iPhone 7 there's no way to monitor audio while recording live video. You have to test a clip and then hope when you're recording "for real" that the mic is being used. I run the risk of recording something important with worse audio than the in-phone mic. I'm sure the quality of the mic is amazing. I just can't depend on it to work.

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