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    Do NOT buy this it falls apart during use

    • Written by Richard R from Tampa

    This will drop your iPad.
    The clamp on the bottom is good and the first orange lever is good. But the top 2 black colored levers are a big problem. If you reach over with one hand and adjust the orange lever on the bottom the arm drops down a bit but nothing falls apart and nothing falls to the ground. However if you have an ipad in the arm and you reach over with one hand and adjust the black lever the top half of the arm and teh ipad both drop out and onto the ground. DO NOT BUY THIS DEVICE it falls apart with just a tiny twist of the levers. The orange lever has metal pieces attached to it so it cannot fall out, even if you turn it upside down and shake it the orange lever and metal bar stay together. HOWEVER THE UPPER PART AND BLACK LEVERS ALL FALL APART AND ONTO GROUND WITH YOUR IPAD.

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