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    Add a bit of fun and colour, and a way of output for your automations

    I found this to be a great home kit product. I can change the mood, but also use it to tell me whether some of my automations have triggered. For example, when I arrive home, the security camera is switched off, and the light strip is turned on. If the air quality drops, then my lights turn red. I can also set white light for the mornings to wake me up and then calm light in the evenings to get me ready for bed. A very versatile product.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent product but seemed like old stock.

    I received the Lightstrip Plus with the intention to attach it via the 3M sticky strips supplied to the back of my bed head.
    After cleaning the board I inspected the 3M strips. The paper backing was easily falling off and the sticky or tackiness of the adhesive was, well, almost none existent.
    The unit quickly paired to my existing Philips Hue network with no issues and worked as expected.
    Luckily for me I had additional double sided tape in the garage so I could affix the Lightstrip securely as the 'degraded' 3M tape had no chance of holding the weight, horizontally on the bed head.
    Am I pleased with my purchase? Yes. Should I have returned it? Probably but the fact I knew what I was doing and had the extra double sided tape didn't phase me too much.

    Should you buy it from Apple? Yes, but make sure it's a fresh one!

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