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    More Than Meets the Eye - This Think Has It All!

    • Written by Deborah N from West Palm Beach

    I had first borrowed a Skoog to see if my students would like it. No, they didn't like it, they LOVED it! Some of my students are tactile defensive and there is something about Skoog they enjoyed. It's soft and not cold like some metal equipment.
    This company has done a lot of thinking about how a simple five switch device can be used. Basically you can make up your own tune or play along with your favorite tunes. If the sounds available aren't enough, Skoog has companion apps that can provide more sounds or you can even very simply add your own sounds with the app Skoog Skratch. Not convinced yet? It has an app in Apple's Swift Playground where one can lean about coding that changes Skoog's musical elements.
    Skoog is great for teaching music because it works via Bluetooth, no wires and keeps a charge through the day. It can be used as a solo instrument or in ensemble. For my special needs students, because it doesn't have complicated buttons or switches to confuse or distract them, it is easier for them to stay on task. I even Velcro a picture of the instrument a side plays, a note color, or even the word or number I've programmed into it.
    Imagine you reading one of those cool children's books that has a refrain part that one usually sings. With Skratch you can record it with the touch of one finger and then automatically your child can actively participate in reading time. Who knows, it may even help them to read icons or words. It certainly will help them follow directions and learn to take turns so they will be more successful in other endeavors.
    I've only share a tiny bit of the Skoog repertory. Go search Skoog on line and check out the details on the website. Skoog is limited only by your creative use of it. Skoog is tough and survives drops and whacks. Skoog is Fun!

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    Fun and funky

    • Written by Jane S from Edinburgh

    Love this product. Easy to use and had my kids playing music in minutes.

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    The Skoog makes music and coding accessible to all!

    • Written by Adam G from Bayside

    As a music educator, I have found the Skoog to be an invaluable musical instrument for many of my students, including those with the most severe learning or physical challenges. The goal for all of my students is for them to participate successfully in classroom ensembles and yearly performances. Without an instrument like the Skoog, that would be impossible.

    However, beyond my goals for my students, is the clear and palpable joy many of them express when discovering that they can make music simply by pressing or squeezing this very visually and tactilly appealing device! It works very simply and seemlessly with the Skoog iPad app, as well as many other music apps, giving the user an unlimited pallet of sounds with which to contribute to any ensemble.

    Along with the ability to learn coding and further control and expand the capabilities of the Skoog via Swift Playgrounds, this device is a great plus for any age student of any ability.

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    Fantastic Product.

    • Written by James C from Edinburgh

    The Skoog is fantastic, it has so many uses and is great fun for the whole family! Great with GarageBand and Logic X!

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