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    Doesn't work well enough yet to be sold by Apple

    • Written by John C from RICHMOND

    I've had this for about a week, and despite numerous conversations with Philips, this new bridge does not work well enough yet. Whether it's a firmware, software, App, hardware or "back end" problem, I haven't been able to log into this bridge remotely with any consistency, and by that I mean, once in the last week from hundreds of attempts.
    It works fine around the home, dims the lights, brightens them, etc, and you can program routines. However, be warned that you cannot yet log in to the "my hue" section of the app. This product, in my opinion, has been launched far too early, before significant problems have been sorted out. I'm told by Apple that this is may be a server problem at their end, or possibly due to the time zone I live in - seriously, did they not think they were going to sell these in Australia?
    I'm returning mine in a few days time. It's not a faulty unit - the unit appears to be working by itself properly - but it is being let down dreadfully by Philips "back end".

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