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    The locking mechanism simply does not work. The iPad falls right out of the thing. Completely unfit for purpose. You’d be better off with a roll of duct tape.

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    I like it

    This product is actually rather well-made. The design of the components is quite good, and you can adjust it quite a bit. You cannot use it in portrait orientation, as another reviewer mentioned... but I have no reason to do this with my iPad.

    It works great with the new 10.5" iPad Pro, by the way. Great way to shoot video, while being able to use my nice tripod and other equipment.

    The only improvement I would like to see is the ability to thread a light or mic onto the top.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Jobs griptght on 10.5 iPad Pro.

    First what a service! Ordered yesterday due to arrive by post fre of charge, arrived at 1330 today!

    As I thought it would the Joby griptght fits the new 10.5 iPad perfectly. It holds it securely and will be so useful for stills or video. At its present cost it represents real value for money being versatile in mounting on a tripod or my existing gorilla pod.

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    Be Careful.

    Bought this from the apple store for my iPad Pro. Placed it on my tripod in portrait mode attached the iPad pro, guess what, the iPad slipped through and fell on the floor and scratched the screen. I am very surprised that Apple would sell a product like this. Very disappointed.

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    Useless in portrait mode

    I am very disappointed in this product. The grip is not secure either with the ipad pro or the iphone 7+. (With or without case attached) If you attempt to use it in portrait mode, the ipad or phone will slip through the grip and fall out.

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