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    Optics, Batteries and Crashing

    The optics are not very good in comparison to its predecessors. It is still better than a camera perspective on the ground and fun to have but, there are a few things you should know. Unlike other cameras, the sensor and lens are tiny on this drone. There is virtually no depth of field because of it. What it means is, you maybe taking an image of your home but, the trees behind it are out of focus. The area from front to back that is in focus is very small. Because of this, you need to be aware of what is going on and keep focusing on whatever your shooting, especially if your moving around.

    You will need a few more batteries. They take long to charge. Always have one as a backup because you never know when you will just have to get that shot or something special happens and you can't get up in the air. The other two or three are for playing. These types of batteries are dangerous and must be discharged before going on a plane. Because they contain so much energy, they are also not safe to keep charged so they are designed to discharge in 10 days. You may not use your drone for a week and find out that the batteries are not charged up when you need them.

    The other primary concern is DJI has had a lot of problems getting this Drone out to market. Other products of theirs have had the same issue. While the products are great, the service is not. Many have prepaid for items and had to wait well beyond promised delivery times.

    I recently crashed mine. It will happen to you too. Where do you take it to get fixed? I had to ship mine across the country and paid over $50.00 in shipping to get it there and back. It cost over $350 to replace the shell. Everything else was fine.

    Happy Flying.

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