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    Can't encrypt or password protect without doing command-line stuff

    Bought this as my existing LaCie was about full. Got home, plugged it in, and everything seemed to work great. Except that I couldn't encrypt and password protect it like my old model. After some slugging around online I came across this:

    "The problem was that my new drive (La Cie Rugged Thunderbolt from the Apple Store) came with a master boot record partition map and not GUID. If a drive is not GUID, neither the partition button nor the encryption settings are available in the graphical Disk Utility, which is why we're forced to use the command-line diskutil to partition first."

    Are you kidding me? If you say it will work with Apple, make it work with Apple without having to go through that kind of baloney. Mine's on its way back to the store.

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