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    Great Little Sensor

    • Written by John D from South Hadley

    I was apprehensive about buying one of these at first. They are a little pricey and don't offer the full range of readings that the Room Sensor does. But, the trade off is the LCD screen and size.

    I decided to get one for my kitchen and my basement: Two places that I pass through regularly and want to know the temperature without having to pull out my phone every time. Installation and set-up were a breeze.

    I just ordered a few more for the rest of my house.

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    An elegant way to monitor temperature and humidity!

    • Written by Valeria D from OAK PARK

    I love the design, small and compact with clean lines and so easy to set up. The app handles all the home kit features and all I have to do is ask Siri, "What is the temperature in the Living Room?" Of course, if I'm in the room with it, I can glance at it and I'm able to read it from across the room with the large, always-on readings... or I can look at the app to view the history of the info on a chart. It really helps me to be able to monitor temperature and humidity in rooms that are outside the main room where the thermostat is. I'm going to get another one for my sons bedroom.

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    Lightweight sensor tracks it all

    • Written by David G from Berkeley

    I got this for my startup in SF. We have 11 people and a floor in a building that has no central AC/Heat. The office felt like it was different temps based on where you were. Some people felt cold, others kept opening up the windows. I decided to get this product so that we could test each primary sitting location in our L shaped floor for a week and collect the data automatically without having to check or write down any data manually. That way we could re-arrange people to have a better climate environment.

    This product did exactly what we needed. It is super lightweight, so I could hang it from a tack or small nail (even velcro) at the various locations we needed. It is battery powered, so no need for running wires. It has a nice big digital display which can be read from distances (or the App) and it is super easy to setup with the Eve App.

    I would recommend this to anyone who wanted a smart temp reader who does not have a NEST or other type of smart thermostat OR for anyone who needs to move the source of the sensor data for reasons like we do.

    Keep building great products for the Eve portfolio!

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