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    If I could rate this over a 5 Star Rating I would! The color is beautiful and drew me to buying this product! I have a space just over 1,000 sq feet I have used with the BOOM and it fills the space very well. The sound and clarity is amazing and it sounds better than anything else I have ever heard. I have had this for just over 2 months and it is very durable and stays connected well from distances. I still think the color is mesmerizing and I am so happy I chose this color BOOM.

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    I just received my Boom 2. First it looks just too cool. Holding in hand giving superb feel. Comes to sound quality, it's really loud. Able to handle room of 30x30 feet very easily. Bass is not amazing but it's good enough. Battery last longer. I know it's lil costly but the joy of having it and holding one is awsy. Happy to have one.

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    Amazing Speaker!

    I just got this speaker today and I cannot express how shocked I am with this speaker!!! This speaker can really fill a room. I can have this playing on the other side of my home and still clear the music with such clarity! I would definitely recommend this for any traveler, college student and anyone that doesn't want to spend so much money on a speaker. Would recommend with to a friend! I will probably update this the more I use this speaker.

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