• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Mic = 4.5, quality = 3.75, CS = - 10

    • Written by Shari B from Porter

    The microphone offers outstanding sound quality, for this price point.

    However, the quality is shaky. Less than six months out of the box and the USB isn’t connecting properly. The first month I had to return it because of shoddy workmanship. Hours with CS, no resolution but a return, and they wouldn’t RA unless they wasted hours of my life.

    So you get really good sound, but really questionable workmanship.

    I know review readers hate CS comments, but this must be written: when you have shaky manufacturing, there needs to be decent customer service support, at least enough to fill in for the workmanship.

    Constant dog and pony show trying to get product support. The bottom line they return to: “we are a small company we have a limited support.”

    Apogee offers a wide range of products, some of which are quite expensive, but they can’t invest in customer service?

    I am being generous by giving us three stars. But it has got me in the door for some good sound quality MP3 productions.

    The price paid in frustration isn’t worth it — would not buy this again, and Apogee has lost a customer.

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