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    • Written by Richard C from Austin

    What a nightmare/joke of a hard drive.


    Hard drive will lose connectivity and will not mount after.

    Drive is less than a year old and have had to reformat the drive twice.

    Do not trust your important data to this drive.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Faulty cable connector and overly fragile

    • Written by Jessica M from Oakland

    I've been using LaCie hard drives for nearly two decades, but I think I'm done with LaCie after a few really bad experiences with their products in the past year. My office bought the a few 2TB and 4TB LaCie Rugged USB-Cs to use as backup drives for our computers. The port on the back of the product that you put the cable in, I'm not sure what time of connector it is, is completely delicate and flimsy. I would put the cable in and if you even just bump or slightly move the hard drive it comes loose, thereby breaking the connection between the drive and your computer, so that you get that fun message saying that the drive was not ejected before disconnecting. I had two of these drives and each one has the same issue with the connector on the back. You literally cannot move the drive or you computer once it's attached because the cable will come loose on the back of the drive and you will risk messing up the drive, which leads to my second big issue with these drives...

    They are extremely sensitive and very easy to completely damage. I know that you are not supposed to disconnect drives without first ejecting them from your machine, but sometimes things happen, like the cable on the back of the drive falls out because the manufacturer designed their product terribly. Sometimes you're in a hurry and disconnect all of the cables from your computer so you can close it up and run to your next meeting, only after realizing that one of those cables had been connected to your external hard drive. At a previous job our IT department issued us each portable G-Technology drives to backup our machines. I used mine all the time, and there were probably about a dozen times in a 2 year period where I inadvertently disconnected the drive without ejecting it from my computer, and guess what - everything was fine. Two years of not being super careful, but also not being overly abusive either, and it still works. So after a few times of the LaCie disconnecting because of the loose connector issue, and the drive suddenly stopped working at all. My machine would not recognize it or read it, and I tried to erase it and reformat it but it was toast. After only 3 months of use - complete garbage. The same thing just happened with a LaCie Porsche drive that I just bought, and Apple is very graciously allowing me to return it even though technically this is a manufacturer issue on LaCie's part and they should be taking it back.

    I highly recommend looking at other brands of drives, and walking—running—away from LaCie.

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