• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    good product but don't buy, Trouble with L connector

    • Written by Frank L from Repentigny

    First of all, this product build solid and the works great with original app and filmic pro, I have no problem with DOA.
    Then the reason why do not buy.
    1,when you plug it into your phone, the speaker muted. so after you shot a footage then playback, OMG no sound. you have to remove it to hear the sound.
    2, the L connector is short, do not feet most of the case if there's only a hole for the connector. I cut my moment case to feat it.
    3,the most horrible issue : this mic do not feat any extension cable. i tried all the adapter and extension , non of them works, both original app and filmic pro.
    4, Big problem caused by 3 : no gimbal feat this little mic. even freefly one ,when you use the counter weight. So basically, when you need an anti-noise mic for shot film outdoor, you also need an stabilizer too, but you can't.

    Reason why only one star: if apple and rode make something only for apple, at least make it works, why it doesn't even work with extension cable?. cost me another 100 dollars and 2 weeks to buy and try adapters, extensions and cut my cases to make it works. and it doesn't.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Don't buy this

    • Written by David L from Longwood

    Dead out of the box. No audio. Tried on iPhone and iPad. Nothing. Searched online for answers. Found a boatload of people had the same issue. Don't risk it. Keep looking. It is too bad. It is a great idea.

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