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    crashing from the first moment I used it.

    • Written by Tony H from Almere

    At first it seemed to work well connecting to buy lg ultraFine 4k over thunderbolt 3. then I tried World of Warcraft on it and it started crashing every 30 minutes or so.

    Now I can't even get it running. Once I connect it to my MacBook Pro 13 2017, it simply crashes my MBP.

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    Great idea... but doesn't seem to work

    • Written by John S from Grandville

    The BlackMagic eGPU Pro is a beautiful piece of equipment. Looks really nice sitting on my desk. But as far as functionality goes? Using it, I see BARELY any improvement. I bought this to speed up my workflow when editing 4K video in Final Cut Pro X on my 2018 MacBook Pro (2.9GHz Core i9, 32GB DDR4 RAM, Radeon Pro 560X discreet graphics card).

    I followed all of the instructions for setting FCPX to prefer the eGPU. I watched the GPU activity and saw that the AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 card (in the eGPU) was the one being used while editing in FCPX. But performance was imperceptibly better.

    I wanted to see render times dramatically improve. I wanted unrendered effects (titles, overlays, etc) to playback with a better framerate than the MBPro's internal card. NO GO!

    Not sure what the problem is... but this was a HUGE disappointment. Maybe it's because eGPU support is only partly baked in the OS and FCPX? Maybe it's because Apple won't natively support drivers for the (faster & superior) Nvidia cards, so BlackMagic was hampered by having to use an AMD chip?

    At this point... I don't care about the reasons. I'm just grateful I'm still within the return window, so I can get my money back! Maybe if I had a lower-powered Mac (mini, etc), I'd be seeing a more impressive performance difference when the eGPU was connected. But with my MBP... I can't even tell when it's plugged in, and when it's not.


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    Overpriced and causes 2018 13 macbook pro to crash

    • Written by Larry S from LAS VEGAS

    Used this devicce for over a month, constent crashing and no support from Blackmagic and or apple. I purchased a Razer GPU at a fraction of the price. I have this sitting in the closet now since it is just a huge paper weight.

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    Degrades performance on iMac 5K display

    • Written by Jesus A from Albuquerque

    Apple explicitly claims, "With macOS Mojave, you can now use an eGPU to accelerate compatible apps on the built-in display of any Thunderbolt 3–enabled Mac."

    This is false.

    If only using the built-in display on a 5K iMac, the performance is actually worse than with the internal GPU.
    I have confirmed the eGPU is being used by the apps using the Activity Monitor.

    in the latest Photoshop CC version, with the eGPU pasting images onto a document renders extremely slowly, similar to how images load on a browser over a slow connection. Without the eGPU, the pasting is instant.

    Playing World of Warcraft on the internal GPU I was able to get between 40-60fps on high settings and 5K resolution.
    With the eGPU, the fps dropped to 20-30.

    There is no improvement on any application tested with the eGPU. In some specific cases, the performance actually degrades compared to not using the eGPU at all.

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    Fan always on

    • Written by Robert B from Hollister

    Returned my unit after discovering its fan runs all the time, even when computer sleeps. If you disconnect the eGPU Pro from both the monitor and computer, it stops running after about 10 minutes. But it does not stop if the eGPU is connected to the LG 5k monitor, even if the computer is not connected. Ditto for the computer, which in my case is either a macbook pro or 2018 mac mini. This fan-always-on is known behavior for the Pro version. The non-Pro version behaves as it should--when computer sleeps, eGPU fan turns off. All this means that the fan in the pro version will pull dust through the eGPU 24/7, eventually causing dust blockage and presumably overheating and eventually failure I imagine. I doubt users would be ok with this. Maybe someone will lean on Apple/Blackmagic to remedy this.

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