• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Powerful but crippled.

    • Written by Michiel N from Rocky hill

    Look -- as a pure GPU, it's awesome. Video editing is fast. Gaming on a 5k monitor is possible at good frame-rates... in 5k!! So from that standpoint it's awesome.

    The problem? USB-C passthrough doesn't work. The particular, and VERY annoying problem is that the LG 5k's webcam doesn't work when passed through the BlackMagic. Well, it passes through, but in a very jumpy/jerky sort of way that makes it unusable. (It works just fine directly plugged into my MBP). I've also had issues with other USB-C devices plugged into the monitor not passing through properly... not all, just some.

    So basically, every time I need to video conference I have to disconnect the GPU and unplug/replug things... a giant pain.

    TLDR; If you want to plug an LG 5k into this and care about the webcam/usbc hub, don't buy it, at least yet... until they fix some bugs.

    I've contact their support and they have been very responsive, but so far no answers.

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