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    fan noise

    • Written by Mishkin T from London

    So, I bought one of these a week ago. In terms of graphics performance, it is excellent and the os software support seems pretty good. If you are not sure whether the software you are using specifically supports an eGPU, you can dive into getinfo settings (right click on the application in the Applications folder in the finder menu) and tell osx to prefer the external GPU. BUT, the fan in the eGPU never switches off, even after you unmount it and shut down your computer. Furthermore, sometimes it is incredibly loud. When Photos was indexing all my photos, the fan noise was so loud it felt like it was going to take and shoot into space. So I downloaded a decibel meter from the App Store and measured the noise - 105 decibels ie. LOUD. I contacted Blackmagic today. They said if I was unhappy, send it back to apple for a replacement. I tried to be reasonable, suggesting that maybe waiting for an OS update would be wise, but they didn't really engage with the problem. Thanks. Lesson - amazing, convenient bit of kit, as long as it works properly. Fan noise might be a problem. It certainly is for mine. Otherwise, brilliant bit of design.

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    Doesn't work on Davinci Resolve 16.

    • Written by jonathan C from Cupertino

    Does work on Davinci Resolve 15 though.
    All other video editing apps that are not Black Magic (premiere, fcpx) I saw no noticable difference.

    When its working right in Resolve 15, its great! Everything else, forget this device.

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