• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic Product!

    • Written by Jose R

    This was my first eGPU ever and I am using it with my 15" 2018 MacBook Pro. First off, I have to add, this eGPU is extremely quiet and very sexy looking. I originally got it so it can improve my video game experience with Fortnite. My Mac was only able to perform ok at about 20 to 25 fps in the medium settings. Now it is averaging 60 fps. Great thing about it is that it even charges my Mac as well.

    I have not tried it using an external display, only the internal display on the MacBook Pro. Also, I. didn't know this but I found that even though it is plug and play, if I use it. with the internal display it does make you manually choose the external eGPU option as it does not happen automatically for most applications.

    Example: for fortnite I had to go to Finder > applications > Right-clicked on the "fortnite" icon > Get Info > And clicked on "prefer eGPU"

    Otherwise, it wasn't even trying to use the eGPU when I booted fortnite.

    Another thing, this thing is super pricey. I get it. But this is definitely not for casual people. This is for professional creatives who need something quiet and is reliable.

    I say this because I had to return a Razer Core X with the Radeon Vii (newest eGPU available) because the drivers were incompatible. So sad.

    Definitely worth the upgrade for me. It works as advertised.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Good but I hope GPU can be upgraded!

    • Written by Luyang T from Malden

    I have bought eGPU before, this eGPU pro is improved a lot compared with previous version-RX580. However, Vega 56 is not too bad or too good graphic card. I hope APPLE can cooperate with Nvidia. I like RTX2080TI, I like this kind of powerful GPU.

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