• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Sound great with a little mod

    • Written by David G from Rochester

    I bought these after my original AirPods started to die about 3 months before apple launched the “new” AirPods. I am glad I did not wait for the AirPods as the new upgrade was not really much of an upgrade. I got these headphones because they have a 14 hour battery life which means I am not charging them twice a day like my old air pods, I expect the batteries will last at least twice as long as my AirPods which began requiring 3-4 charges a day at just shy of 2 years old.

    Sound was another reason. These headphones sound much better than AirPods. Aftter a simple modification of the silicone sleeve that came with these headphones, I was able to add some foam comply tips which keep this locked in place and increase sound isolation There was the added bonus of increased bass and clarity with this mod.

    Now for the issues. The charging cord for these is a VERY short proprietary cable that you can only get from Jaybird, should you lose yours, it will be an issue. I was going to buy an extra charging cord so I could leave one at the office, but they are currently out of stock! Really?!! Hard to believe. The only other issues I have is that apple does not sell these in black, an the nice braided cable In gray gets dirty quickly. The “case” is also a little underwhelming for a $160 pair of headphones, just a nylon pouch, which I doubt offers much protection if you are going to throw it in your bag with all your other gear.

    If i always basing my rating on sound and battery life, these would get 5 stars. I just hope that the cable does not fail within a year, or I will be looking to go back to a truly wireless earbud.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Generally Good, But ...

    • Written by Nicholas K from Hong Kong

    Excellent battery life, good sound and great for sports but this does not work well when I only have my Apple Watch with me. The audio is fine but when I want to make a call the connection drops. And there's no facility to auto-dial my last number; this is available on other bluetooth headphones that I have used.