• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    perfect blend of physical and digital play

    • Written by Yohan L from Rancho Palos Verdes

    i am blown away at how this was executed and brought to life. for years, i have searched for toys that my kids can play both in the physical world and the digital world. and for years, i have been disappointed. this hot wheels id product may have just cracked the code.

    first, the product itself is beautifully done. the packaging was easy to undo...and in the end, you also have an orange box you can re-purpose as storage for the tracks.

    the app (through the track campaign mode) engages you to build different tracks through the bluetooth integration. then it teaches you on how to build up the necessary skills so your hot wheels id car can make it through the track. too much rev? the car may lose control and fly off the track...too little rev? the car won't make it through the race.

    i can only imaging the possibilities this can grow as both physical and digital play encourage the player to engage in the other mode of play. need more points to upgrade your virtual car? go race the actual hot wheel id car on the physical track for 20 min!

    well done mattel...i hope this toy becomes the holiday hit this coming christmas!

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