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    This is NOT a technical flaw

    • Written by Tracey B from Dunfermline

    For those who do not understand, TTY is "teletype" which allows deaf people make and take calls, something most people take as an every day thing - but for millions who are deaf, it has not been an option.

    With a TTY, the conversation is typed rather than spoken and direct communication is possible with anyone who has a similar device. Calls placed to or from a non-TTY user can be placed through the Telecommunications Relay Service allowing the user to "talk"

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    Bluetooth for hearing impaired

    • Written by John L from Surfers Paradise

    I have an iPhone 3G and - being deaf - a pair of over the ear Phonak hearing aids. As both devices are loaded with Bluetooth, I can take calls from my iPhone direct, without any wire pug-ins. I can similarly play the iPod straight into the hearing aids without connecting wires, A Bluetooth generator can also be plugged into the audio outlet of a TV set and this transmits the program being viewed straight into the hearing aids without any wires. Similarly, an App will generate a wide variety of world-wide radio programs straight into the hearing aids. Magic! I would like to see Apple [and Phonak] make this facility better known to the deaf community.

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