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    I agree is bad design, but read this!

    My adapter started acting up and would only charge in certain position until there was no more positions that would make it work!
    I figured out that the little slide-on fold-on connector would rock up and down about 1/4 of and inch loosely when testing by hand and my other ipad and mac charger would not!
    So i took the little adapter from my old ipad charger and replaced with the defective not working mac charger and ...... voila!!! I works!
    Stupid adapter gets loose after time, thats it, not the charger itself but just the little slide-on folde-on little connector!
    I hope that helps, it helped me and i'm happy that i don't have to buy another one!

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    Must be planned obsolescence

    I've been through four of these, and the same thing happened with each one - the internal wiring frays, and the rubber cable disconnects from the magnetic charging head.

    It'd be bad enough if it was a cheap replacement, but at AUD$109 a pop, it's beyond frustrating - A shame that a company like Apple would look to profit from a product they know is faulty (+2k one star reviews?), but continues to sell.

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    Room for improvement

    + Correctly titled - it's an Apple power adapter
    + Cardboard box included
    + Might stay intact, provided you never, ever touch it (ever)

    - £80 price tag for £5 build quality
    - Wire is permanently coiled up like a wonky spring
    - I could probably pick apart the wire casing with my fingernails, or a moderate sneeze

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    This is a horrible product and replacements are worse

    I would give this NO STARS if I could. I'm not one to write reviews, but I had to replace this product at least 4 times in the past 2 years so I just had to write one up. My first charger worked for about 2 years until I needed a replacement. Since then, I bought a new charger (which only lasted 3 months) and had 2 chargers replaced (each only lasting for about 2-3 months). Every single time, the wiring inside the cables seems to fray from the inside (with no external damage) and loses its charge; the chargers even send out a spark sometimes through the rubber (which is a major safety hazard). I am thoroughly disappointed by this product and am considering to switch to a PC just because of the frustration this product has caused. It is expensive, of very poor quality, and a waste of my time to constantly replace/buy new ones.

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    Absolute rubbish. Cheaply made but costly to buy. Magnetic fixing started to kink and seperate from cable after only around 18 months and of course out of warranty period. Will be buying non Apple next for a bit of longevity.

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    Lasted me 6 years

    I bought my MacBook Pro in early 2011 and it lasted me 6 years. I bought one off amazon last spring and now its not working. I agree, $80 is RIDICULOUS but will purchase it because the original charger from Apple lasted me a long time. I hope the next one lasts me just as long.

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    Broke .... AGAIN!

    This is the 3rd time I have to purchase a new adapter for my MacBook pro. The computer itself has lasted very well, alas, not the cord. If they need to be replaced so easily, they should be a lot less expensive.

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    Very Flimsy Charger Cord -- the ONLY downside (in my opinion) for Apple/Mac

    I'm very disappointed in these MacBook Pro charger cords. I got my 13 inch MacBook Pro in December 2013, and since then I have been through dozens of chargers, needing to replace them every few (2-4) months. In the beginning, when I had the warranty and then Applecare, it wasn't such a big deal because Apple replaced them for free each time. But in December 2016, my AppleCare warranty expired and since then I've gone through another half-dozen or more chargers and its not even like I put them through a lot of abuse or anything. I'm disabled and mostly homebound so the charger is usually stationary. Yet it keeps fraying within a short time.

    I don't get why Apple cannot make a quality charger -- especially as their products are otherwise pretty much PERFECT, in my opinion!

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    Absolute garbage

    The price does not reflect the quality of the product whatsoever. Apple should acknowledge this ongoing problem. They need to produce better quality and more durable adapters.

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    Lousy product

    My 60W MagSafe Power Adapter {for MacBook &13 inch MacBook pro} broke after my extended warranty just expired. The wire broke and I cannot charge the battery. $80 is too expensive - from other reviews this is an ongoing problem. Your product is lousy and you need to manufacture better quality product for an expensive computer such as yours. My HP never had this problem ever. Apple company never knowledge their mistakes or deficiency. Shame on you Apple.

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    Top of the class

    This is the best power supply I have yet found, safe, compatible, reliable.

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    They don't last long

    I have lost count of the number of MagSafe chargers I have had to replace over the years. They are overpriced and likely to go wrong after a year or so. I would expect much better, considering that my Macbooks are supposed to be "pro" models. Unfortunately there is no real alternative if one wants to power a Macbook. Cheap "no-name" power supplies are too much of a risk.

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    This is a steal! :)

    My MacBook Pro is the non-retina 2012 model and it's now 2018. This charging cable has been absolutely fine, the only fault I've come across "lately" is sometimes it just won't notice it's plugged in at the power brick area and to fix it I simply just pull it out and push it back in. Which isn't a big deal, but when I get around to it I will purchase this for $97.90. People should really take better care of their products, all these 1 star reviews? And $97.90 for 6 years, that's nothing. Good charger, great last-ability.

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    All this hate for this product seems ? - Not from me.

    Weird all this hate for this product.
    Granted the 60W adaptor i have with my macbook is the ORIGINAL from 2010, and not a replacement ...
    Perhaps newer ones are made to inferior standards? - Lower quality material to cut costs etc?
    Apart from being grubby, the cables, both from the power socket to the adaptor & the mag-safe cable to the macbook, are in perfect condition! - Adaptor itself is doing its job nicely, with zero problems in nearly 8 years now.

    Go figure ... But i won't be getting on the hate band waggon, when i personally have had zero issues!
    Five Stars!

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    I have changed for 2 years, 4 power adapters! I found it very unprofessional for such a giant company as Apple selling chargers which are without any quality!? Apple should compensate the Apple MacBook owners for waisting their time and money!!!

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    Another one of their subtle money-extracting scheme from Apple.

    I've already had THREE (looking for my FOURTH now) MagSafe Power Adapter in my lifetime. Macbook Pro is a gem but this charger is absolutely terrible. If the number of stars rating could allow no stars, I would gladly rate it at no star. The fact that it costs RM349 is also beyond comprehension for a lousy non-durable product. Meaning I have spent more than RM1K for this terrible product. Wouldnt have been THIS upset if it was cheaper though.

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    Laptop outlasts the Charger instead of the other way round

    Had 2 Laptops for Daughter and Son. Replaced both. Cord failed on one and the charger on the other. Junk.

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    Seriously Dissappointed

    These Magsafe chargers need work to require the durability over time from normal usage, something like a strain relief should be applied on either ends of the cable, the cables break far too easy and this is not only the MagSafe charger but also from lightning to USB and even Apple earphones. The worst part is they cost a lot to replace each time.

    If you care Apple do something about it, read your customers reviews and resolve this ongoing problem you face.

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    Apple 60W MagSafe Power Cord

    For the price of this power adapter, Apple should make a better adapter for that price. I have went through four of them already and now looking for the fifth.

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    Not even worth 0 stars...

    Let me put it simply:


    The price for this power adapter is absolutely ridiculous. The cables are made so badly that the cable starts to fray from various points no matter how nicely you fold this up (properly - as shown by multiple apple staff).

    If you want a laugh, go into the store or ask online about why your adapter is fraying and they'll tell you that they are shocked as they have "never had this issue" - keep asking this until you've asked at least 7 (I have) and then take a look amongst all these other reviews. Funny that no-onw working for apple has had this issue, yet hundreds have?

    Sort it out apple, if you're going to rip us off with the price, at least make a product that works.

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