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    Macbook Power

    • Written by Leila H from Atlanta

    I had got this 3 times during one year.

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    Apple and their chargers.

    • Written by Asia H from Southfield

    I love Apple products but their chargers are sub par. I figured out how to keep my iphone charger from fraying and that's by wrapping colorful string around it. I attempted this with my mac charger and it didn't work as well. I've had my macbook pro since 2011 and have bought two additional chargers. The one that originally came with the computer eventually frayed and started to make sizzling noises. So I bought another one and the same thing happened. I just received my new charger and I'm urgently looking for ways to preserve it now because who has time to buy a new $80 charger every two or so years. Apple is able to make such intelligent products but can't make a durable charger. Unreal.

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    Love Apple but not their cables

    • Written by Lars P from København NV

    I've had a Macbook Pro since 2011 and I love it. Yet the charging cable that come with is a pain, because the coating is so fragile that it'll break within a year of usage. I'm on my 3rd cable and it is bringing me down that Apple is able to make so good products yet fail so immensely. The same goes with my chargers for my Iphones (4-7) and Ipad. Weirdly enough I haven't had the same problems with my Ipod charger cable. Please up your game Apple, although I suspect you for having it as part of a business strategy to make cables with a real limited lifetime.

    Best Regards

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    Really Apple?

    • Written by Nanci N from Lynwood

    I've had my macbook for two years (a week ago was two years). and within those two years I have had to purchase five replacements. The silicone casing always comes apart which leads to a charger that has to be covered in electrical tape no matter how well i take care of my charger and don't leave it lying around. For $80 a piece, Apple really needs to improve the quality.

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    Poor design and very expensive

    • Written by Sarah J from Hove

    I have changed my Apple 60W MagSafe Power Adapter 3 times now as the cable is far too fragile at the device end and always develops a fault despite very careful handling. Considering the high cost, and the fact that Apple prides itself on high quality, I am very disappointed that Apple has not addressed this issue.
    The Macbook is still going strong. Please can we have a solution to what is quite obviously a design fault?

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    Bad quality

    • Written by Zhitong L from Athens

    Only at the beginning of the third year, I had to buy a new adapter!!! The skin of the cord ripped at one point. and it started getting hot, very hot, at the ripped point.

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    Unable to engineer a durable charger!

    • Written by Michael N from Langley

    Apple you mix high quality computers with low quality chargers including the charger for our iPhones, iPad, and iPod. They all fray and they are very poor quality. I'm surprised that you can engineer durable long lasting computers, phones etc but you have been unable to master the engineering of a durable charger.
    Come on who are you kidding!!!!

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    BAD! BAD! BAD!

    • Written by Earl W from WHITE PLAINS

    I'm with the majority of dissatisfied MacBook Pro users who have commented. This product badly needs to be redesigned. This will be my 3rd adaptor within 4 years. At $80 you figure it would at least last more than 1 or 2 years since here are no moving parts. I'm an IT professional and I take very good care of my computers and laptops. All of the adaptors have failed at the same place, where the magnetic cord that plugs into the laptop meets the power adaptor. The cord frays right at this junction point. Poor Design! Come on Apple...You can do better!

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    • Written by MARISSA T from ARABI

    I've had my laptop for maybe two and a half years, and the charger has been frayed and practically exposed for at least a year and a half of that time. Now it's broken completely, and I have to cough up over $80 just to face the same problem with the replacement, only quicker than with the original. That's a ridiculous price to pay for a product that can't last. I really question whether or not apple even bothers reading the reviews or even looking at their ratings.

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    Rotten Apple

    • Written by Obah I from London

    Why are we still buying from these people. We have 3 apple product in our home ipad,iPhone and MacBook all have charger issues. It can't be a fluke. It's ridiculous that these people do not see anything wrong with their products. But then it's our fault because they didn't force us to buy. APPLE BEFORE YOU RELEASE THE NEXT PRODUCT WHY NOT TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR CABLES. I'm committed to boycotting you until you fix the problem or give free replacement cables. You owe us that much. CHEAPSKATES! USELESS BRAND

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    Horrible Power Adapter...Cheap!

    • Written by Lollie M from Atlanta

    Horrible charger; it's crumbling apart and frayed. I feel like I'm going to be electrocuted. I am very disappointed. This is not a quality product you pride yourself on. Buyer beware.

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    Mac Book Pro Charger Cord

    • Written by Kristina D from Corpus Christi

    I bought my laptop in 2011 and I am about to have to purchase the 3rd charging cord, which is not expectable at $79.00 a cord. The design is poor. I love everything else about apple. This is a cord that needs to be thicker at the point of the adapter, so it doesn't start to expose wiring after such a short period. Many people are experiencing this issue.

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    Apple needs to admit this is a terrible design

    • Written by Brooks C from Roswell

    I am not an Apple hater, quite the opposite in fact. I consider my Macbook laptop one of my children and I treat it with the utmost care. But I am in the process yet AGAIN of having to shell out $80-90 for a replacement power cable. I will go to the Apple store and show the cable to the geniuses who will (somehow) look at me as if they have never seen such a thing and tell me I am out of warranty and point to the shelf where I can buy a brand new one just waiting to break after 9-12 months.

    Apple please either redesign these adapters or admit there is a problem and offer full warranty replacements when it happens. I am not trying to rope a steer with my adapter, I don't take it mountain climbing or bungie jumping. I use my laptop at home and at work. I have consistently had to buy replacement power cords for at least the last 6-8 years (over 2 or 3 laptops). Apple you have billions of dollars in cash in reserve, can't you help out your loyal customers?

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    I am on my third one!!!

    • Written by Frances L from Staten Island

    I am on my third one!! Come on give me a break. The cords are so cheap, they bend and tear so easily. Too expensive to keep replacing.

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    Breaks WAY too often

    • Written by Ayodele A from Bethesda

    Basically an $80 subscription fee to continue charging the laptop

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    NOW It Doesn't Work Any More

    • Written by Haowen F from Bloomington

    It has been just 2 years, then I need to buy a new one with $79 plus tax. Please make it better or cheaper ! My Lenovo's power adapter has been living for 7 years without any problems !

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    on my third charger :(

    • Written by Katie R from Clinton Township

    Agreeing with everyone else, these chargers break all the time!

    Either make them better or make them cheaper!!!!!

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    Still works after 6 years of use

    • Written by Danielle C from Glenside

    I still have the original Magsafe Power Adapter from when I bought my mid-2010 13" MacBook new about 6 years ago. Yes, there have been a few problems, occasionally with it, but I was able to solve that with a quick tech support call to apple care. Other than that, it has never failed me, even after years of traveling with my MacBook and taking it back and forth to college. About a year ago, the wire casing (covering the wires) right under the part that plugs into the computer broke, due to my own negligence, I think. To my surprise, even with exposed wires, the Magsafe power adapter is still working perfectly. I have since wrapped it in electric tape and continued using it, I have now decided to replace it, only because I have gotten tired of having to rewrap the cord in electrical tape and because a few of the exposed wires are bent, which makes me think that it has gotten somewhat unsafe to use now. But, the cord and wires have NEVER gotten hot or even warm and my laptop gets used daily.

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    Worst Adapters EVER

    • Written by David B from Vienna

    I've now had to order two off these because they are not built to last. The connection between the chord and the plug that connects to the computer is so flimsy and week that I've had two fail at that point. Apple is famous of their build quality but for some reason building an adapter that can last escapes them? Really? Also they seem to ignore the multitude of horrible review here? FIX THIS APPLE!!! FIX IT!!!

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    No issues with adapter after 5 years of use.

    • Written by Ryan C from Tempe

    I'm not sure why everyone else seems to have so many problems with this adapter. I've had the same original magsafe adapter that came with my MacBook that I purchased back in early 2012 and I've had zero issues with it. It's always charged my device just fine, and the wires are not exposed or tearing at all. Common sense, if you throw the adapter around and are careless with it, it's not going to last as long.

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