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    My charger has worked fine from 2011 until now (2016)

    I am very happy with the quality of the cord. It is only now just showing the exposed wires. I bought a new one off Ebay because these here are so expensive, but it didn't last even a month. Now I'm going to have to buy this $80 cord. I'm hoping it's the same quality as the one I got back in 2011.

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    last long

    I bought my macbook air 13" (2011) in dec. 2011, every thing was working perfectly fine, for almost 4 years, until yesterday that my charger doesn't work :( I went online and searched for the charger and it was this one, it's so pricey! but it worked well for 4 years so i guess the price was all right, so right now I have to replace my charger with this one, I hope it last long too..

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    All the bad reviews lol

    SMH at all of the bad reviews. I have no idea what y'all are doing to these plugs if they wear out in a year. I have a 13" Macbook Air from 2010. I have used the same 45W MagSafe Power Adapter since. (It is September 21, 2015 btw). Yes, there is much wear towards the piece that plugs into the laptop. However, this plug has lasted me through 2 1/2 years of moving around through college, and a bit over year so far on deployment to the Middle East [that's right, through dust and sand and camel dung (jk on the dung)], plus everything in between the 2010-now times. It's an upstanding product. Could use work, of course; hence, the 4-star rating. But by no means does it have a life expectancy of a year or two "at best".

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    I must have got a fluke

    I bought my MacBook Air 11" in early 2012, and have the same power cord for that entire time. It has never failed me, never frayed, never broken.

    Only recently did I drop my computer while it was plugged in, and the magnetic part of it snapped off when it hit the floor. Even though that happened, it still charges, as I can stick it back together, the magnetic part just comes off fairly easily now.

    I'm really not sure why everyone has given it such terrible reviews. I'm not a very careful person, and I have dropped and swung and roughly handled this charger since the day I got it. It's been to uni, on planes, on the regular drive to my dad's house shoved in my overnight bag, and it's still as fine as it was the day I got it. It's even survived the occasional nibble from my pet cat.

    Perhaps I got a random good one! Only complaint I have is the price. Really ridiculous. But considering how long mine has lasted in comparison to other people's, I would say the price is worth it. Hopefully I get lucky again!

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    Prefer this design than the Magsafe 2.

    Overall I think this is a good design. I've seen the Magsafe 2 and it feels like your need more side space reserve for it. Just wondering whether people are nagging in this section hopefully they can redeem an extra set from Apple. My charger have been working fine for more than 18 months.