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    iMac 5k to Legacy FW 800

    • Written by Alan Y from Saint James

    Recently upgraded to a late 2015 5k 27" iMac from an early 2009 iMac. I have 3 FW 800 drives and they all are detected and work fine with this adapter. My drives are Drobo Gen 2 (powered), Western Digital My Book Studio (powered) and a Western Digital My Passport Studio (in chain).

    I was concerned given all the mixed reviews so I hope this may help others with a similar configuration.


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    Thunderbolt to Firewire Adapter + Thunderbolt3 (USB-C) to Thunderbolt2

    • Written by Jon N from Sugar Land

    I have a number of Firewire devices used with my older Macs. A recent upgrade to a 2017 27" iMac left me without Firewire, so I have successfully attached the Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) to my new iMac, and to that, the Thunderbolt to Firewire Adapter adapter. I an pleased to report it all works. I have checked three different Firewire external drives with my system, two of which are powered over Firewire and they all work. I attached my old Canon MiniDV camcorder, fired up iMovie, and it also works. The camcorder was daisy chained off of one of the external drives (WD My Book Studio).

    I've not tried this with a MacBook, so your results may vary.

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    Works fine for my use (Migration Assistant)

    • Written by Howard B from Pittsford

    I bought this adapter (and the Thunderbolt 2 to Thunderbolt 3 adapter) to connect my 2009 MacBook Pro (using the firewire port) and my new 2016 MacBook Pro (w/o TouchBar). I started the older MacBook in target mode, and then ran the Migration Assistant on the new MacBook. Everything went OK, and was much faster than WiFi. I have an older firewire hard drive, and that works fine through the adapter.
    I can't comment on the longevity of the adapter.

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    Worked out pretty well for me!

    • Written by Laurent D from Dilbeek

    I bought this for my Mac Pro 2013 because my Audio Interface (Steinberg MR816csx) needed this FireWire Adapter. I was a bit scared if it would work or not, but it works just fine! Really happy! :-)

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    Works great for me

    • Written by charles W from Portland

    I have two older LaCie FW external HD's. Bought new 21.5 Retina display iMac running Sierra. This adapter works perfectly and the performance is even faster than straight FW connection to the old iMac.

    I wonder if some folks are trying to use this adapter for something it was not designed to do.

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    HDV camera - FW to Thunderbolt

    • Written by Christopher S from Dundas

    Purchased the adapter to support moving data from a Canon HDV-20 video camera to my Macbook Pro. I run a FW 400 to FW 800 cable to this adapter. Works as designed and intended.

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    Great - Works for me...

    • Written by Glen M from Glen Iris

    I bought this because I now have a new late 2015 27" iMac and needed a way of connecting a Focusrite Safire Pro 26. The Focurite website states that this adapter works fine and I just connected it up then and its working perfectly. Presently I've got it powering the Safire Pro 26 but will probably end up running the unit off it's AC adapter for things like phantom power. But This little adapter works perfectly.

    So a big thumbs up from me.

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    Works fine, just be careful to have an old version of iMovie

    • Written by Matthew T from Etoy

    Wanted to connect up an old 2005 Canon DV camcorder to my MacBook Air 2017 - and yes it works!
    I needed a FireWire 400 to 800 adapter (found on internet) and there are a few bugs with the clips getting muddled up by year/month.
    The trick is to have the right version of iMovie - I have version '09 (version 8.0.6) since this is my 3rd MacBook and I have always imported the disk and not reinstalled the various Apple components unless required.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    these things work great

    • Written by Randy S from SAN ANTONIO

    I replaced my 2011 iMac with a 2015 model, and the first thing I did was get one of these and a USB superdrive to get back what Apple took out. I subsequently added a 2014 mini and got another since gotta have my firewire. I even found one at a thrift store and scored it for a dollar, to keep one handy for the next firewire-less box I get. They all have worked perfectly on every box I've tried 'em on, including the two mentioned and a 2012 MBP used to test the thrift store find. Every device I have ever tried has worked great with them. I do dread having to get the $50 thunderbolt 3 to 2 adapter to make it work on a brand new box come time to get one. Unlikely I'll ever find one of those in a thrift store.

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    Works Perfectly

    • Written by John H from Dudley

    I'm using this adapter to connect a 4 drive array to my 2014 Mini. Works exactly like it should. Have been using 24/7 for 2 weeks without issue.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Firewire 800 to Thunderbolt Adapter

    • Written by Jeffrey G from Burbank

    I am using it to connect a NewerTech GMax Mini to my new Mac Mini 3.0Ghz//16/2T Fusion. Works very well.

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    Thunderbolt to FireWire Adapter

    • Written by Benjamin C from riyadh

    Thank you for this adapter ,i can now use and connect my presonus rm 16ai mixer to my Macbook Air 2013
    thru thunderbolt to firewire..thank’s Apple product����

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works with chained disks and DV camera

    • Written by StĂ©phane G from Tournefeuille

    This adaptateur works perfectly even with chained peripherals.

    Tested with 3 disks, two firewire 800 and the last one, a BD/DVD burner, in Firewire 400. Every things works fine. Throughput is the one of my Firewire disks.

    The camera works as well thru this adaptater, in iMovie in can be remotely driver and video imported. Camera seen as well in Quicktime Player.

    IMPORTANT. The camera will not bee seen if connected behind the Firewire 400 device.
    For DV camera (Sony DCR-TRV30E) at least a cable Firewire 800 to DV IN/OUT on firewire 800 is required. (9 to 4 pins Firewire cable).
    It works behind disks (assuming Firewire 800 connection).

    This last point is indeed not related to the adapter. Even if the chain is connected to a real Firewire 800, the camera is not seen when a Firewire 400 device is in the middle.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works terrific! Eliminates needing the Ethernet port on your MacBook!

    • Written by Michele L from Grand Rapids

    Although having a port on your machine is more ideal, this nifty gadget does exactly as it's meant for. It's very portable with my other adapters and such that I take on the go. I feel an ethernet plug is one of those essential ports that should be part of the machine, but because they don't build them into the machines anymore, this is the next best thing. I find that this works fantastic to use for an ethernet connection using my Thunderbolt port of my MB Pro. I currently have a MacBook Pro Late 2013 Retina model. It has never failed me yet. Not sure about the other reviewer problems mentioned, but my use has been minimal, and has been for general use of modem/router & printer setups... or basically when direct connection is required for an initial setup and/or bluetooth setup, etc. I can connect to my device via ethernet just fine without getting errors or other problems. It was a great investment for me!

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    Does what I need

    • Written by Scott R from Edmonton

    I can't speak to the issue some have had with devices that require bus power. But, for my particular need, it does the trick.

    I use an old MiniDV camcorder whose tape drive has become unreliable. The camera has a 4-conductor FireWire 400 output, so I decided to try using it as a direct camera input for iMovie. I purchased a FireWire 400 cable (4-conductor at one end and 8-conductor at the other) and patched that through a FireWire 400-to-800 adaptor plug to connect to a MacBook.

    This worked, but my newer MacBook Air has no FireWire. This Thunderbolt to FireWire adapter—effectively the third adapter in my Franken-cable—successfully connects my camcorder to my MacBook Air. Interestingly, the camera will not work properly with the current iMovie, but functions just fine with iMovie 9.09 (thankfully available as a free download, and still compatible with El Capitan).

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Works fine---but not forever!

    • Written by Keith B from Santa Monica

    My adapter perfectly accommodated my 9-drive external FW800 daisy chain to my Thunderbolt-equipped Macbook Pro. After a little over 2 years of light use---estimated at about 3 hours per day for the year--- the external drives along the daisy chain started having connectivity and random unmounting of volumes issues. I finally swapped a fresh Apple Thunderbolt to Firewire adapter into the line, and all issues disappeared. Buy one, and then buy a spare.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    On Mac works perfectly fine.

    • Written by G A M I from London, England.

    I bought it back in 2017, so I am using it for more than 2 years, no problems at all and I use it every single day for about 8 to 12 hours, and I have it connected to a Thunderbolt 3 (Apple) to Thunderbolt 2 adapter and a Fw800 to FW600 cable...
    I just put some Velcro on the FireWire adapter to stick it to my desk and keep it fixed to something solid, then the Thunderbolt 3 is in the air plugged into my iMac.
    That allowed me to keep on using my Soundcard Motu which is Firewire 600 so I also have a cable from FW800 to FW600 (Lindy) and all of this thing works perfectly fine, so I didn't gave to it 5 stars just because this adapter could be better designed somehow to do a more reliable connection without having to stuck it with Velcro to keep it working (specially for laptop users), but electronically speaking it works just great. Also is not that expensive if you have in mind it is not just a cable, inside there is a very complex electronic doing the whole conversion thing.

    I hope this helps to other people looking for a solution like mine. I rarely write reviews (because I am not getting paid for it) but in this case it could save a lot of people money and headaches and stop making a good old device just a land filling piece.

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    Firewire harddisk on newer Apple computer

    • Written by Rudi C from Holte

    Cable works fine, it's just not a stand alone cable.
    From computer to harddisk you need to daisy chain 3 cables:
    -Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter
    -Apple Thunderbolt to FireWire Adapter
    -Firewire 800 cable

    Not that elegant, any very expensive.

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    Apple Thunderbolt to FireWire Adapter failure after thirteen months

    • Written by Thomas Lee H from Falls Church

    I have a 27 inch iMac late 2013 and 9 external firewire drives. I bought the adapter in August of 2014 and have been successfully using it for about a year. In the last month 3 of my drives that were connected to the Nitro firewire hub which was connected to the iMac via the Adapter cable. The Adapter stopped working shortly after the limited warranty expired. (The configuration is iMac-->Adapter->>Firewire 800 cable -->Nitro hub-->Newertech Voyager devices containing 4TB WD drives. While it worked, the drives sometimes disappeared but were always available after a reboot. (I was never able to determine if it was the iMac's "fault" or the Voyager) The real problem is that I spent hours trying to change various cables until I took an adapter from my other Mac and tried it. Everything then worked. Is there any way to TEST the Thunderbolt to Firewire Adapter? This cost me many hours and I don't know how long it will work before this other Adapter fails.

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    BUS power direction

    • Written by Richard H from hunters hill

    Finally received one and discovered a very interesting BUS power direction. TB --> FW800 device = ok. However, FW800 --> TB device = n/a (no power!) Even with TB AC power hub!?!

    ie TB port (ie MBP, iMac, MacPro) --> FW800 (ie external drive with BUS power, digital backs etc) will work vs FW800 port (ie old MBP) --> TB device (ie external drive) will NOT work.

    Hope that helps...

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