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    • Written by Michelle B from Toronto

    I agree with other posters about the quality of the cable. I rarely move my cable. It never gets folded up. It has been plugged into the same outlet for years and I use my MacBook on a regular basis, but don't often take the charger anywhere with me, as I have a separate laptop for work. I've had the laptop since 2012 and I'm using the same cable, but the rubber just split about a centimetre from the part that plugs into the computer.I've put electrical tape on it to hold it together. We'll see how long it lasts. i don't think 6 years is unreasonable for a charger, but having said that, I've had a Toshiba laptop for almost 12 years, runs slow, but still works and I still have the original cords - not frayed at all. For the amount of money, the quality is disappointing.

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