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    USB to USB C adapter

    • Written by Gregory H from Hillsboro

    I have a couple and they both work fine with everything but a new Garmin 1030 edge. It will charge fine but no data transfer �� I realize it could be a Garmin problem but I'm able to do everything on my wife's older iMac, which is great except for when I travel. I have a 2018 vintage MacBook.

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    Apple basically want us to spend more money

    • Written by Neshe L from Farnborough

    I think the USB-C is a good idea but when making changes I think apple should included the USB-C adapter in the box with the laptop. The same they did for the earphone port on the new iPhones.

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    Too expensive

    • Written by Shirin K from Mount prospect

    I know most people hate the fact that this is an unnecessary accessory that Apple is making people to buy, I hate that too. too much money and not universal with other devices, but the quality is good and it does solve the problem, but I wish it was cheaper since we all mac users gonna end up having it!

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    Figured out a fix--scrape/clean the 5 SuperSpeed pins

    • Written by Dennis C from Seal Beach

    I too had these issues:

    1) Brand new, the female Type A connector was too tight. Over time, this wore loose.
    2) The dongle worked fine with my USB 3.1 2.5in SATA enclosure for Time Machine backups at first. After a few months of infrequent use the drive would become inaccessible at seemly random times. Strangely, USB 2.0 devices always worked.

    I surmised that the dongle's 5 SuperSpeed pins were somehow losing contact now that the female Type A was not as tight. It could be either corrosion/oxidation or insufficient contact spring force. Using a dental pick to very gently(!) "scrape" the Apple dongle's 5 SuperSpeed pins clean, the USB 3.1 2.5in SATA enclosure started working properly again.

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    Does the job

    • Written by Fisher L from Lower Hutt

    it does what it says. But really it's a disappointment how difficult it is to plug in a USB device with all these dongles. I believe an a better future where you plugin just one cable to get connected to all your devices (external harddrive, monitor, stereo and etc. but right now, the Thunderbolt 3 devices are just too expensive.

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    VERY tight fit

    • Written by Ian S from Los angeles

    The adapter has worked for everything I've tried plugging into it, so I can't reproduce the problems other reviewers are having. However, the fit on the female end is extremely tight, requiring what seems like way too much force to connect AND disconnect the adapter. Making matters worse, the part you grip when disconnecting is near-razor sharp, making it a real displeasure to use.

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    VERY TIGHT connection!!!!!

    • Written by Dennis U from Sheboygan

    Updated to a new MacBook Pro with touch bar. So had to purchase this adaptor for all my cables and flash drives.
    When I tried using it I though they sold me the wrong item. Could not connect anything to it.
    After reading the other reviews here, I realized it is so tight that you have to force cables/flash drives to make a connection.
    Yes it does work, but be prepared to force the male and female connectors. Also is very tight to pull apart.
    Maybe Apple needs to modify this product?
    Also I preferred all of the available ports on my 2011 MacBook.

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    I Don't Know If This Works

    • Written by KARA W from Acton

    Just got a brand new MacBook Pro and I love it. I purchased this adapter for $9 since I knew I'd need it. But it's failed it's first test. I took the USB adapter and plugged it in and then plugged in my Canon Rebel camera to transfer some pictures. Nothing. I've turned things on and off. I've searched in every possible folder. My laptop isn't recognizing the camera at all and I'm not sure if it's the adapter or the camera. But all three pieces of equipment are brand new! If anyone has any advice, I'd love to hear it!

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    The adapter does not fit my USB cables well, but it at least works

    • Written by Robert B. M from St. Petersburg

    It's a cheap cable (only $10), but I was disappointed that I really had to jam my Logitech Unifying Receiver (regular USB dongle) to get it to fit. After spending like 10 minutes thinking I needed some other dongle I was able to fit the USB into the adapter.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Simple, expensive, functional. USB 2.0 only

    • Written by Michael S from Sydney

    Cable has firm connectors and is quite flexible, bending near the middle instead of near the ports with a flash drive dangling. Works well for the usual premium, if you are willing and able to drop 2000AUD+ on a MacBook without comprehending its port limitations I feel sorry for you.

    That being said, the female port is USB 2.0 only. If you need to connect a USB 3.0+ device, this is not the product you are looking for.

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