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    SD Card reader no longer working

    • Written by Sun Pui C from Puchong

    This SD card reader used to be my photo importing assistant.
    Ever since i upgraded to IOS 11, all screwed up and it no longer working on all of my apple product.
    Iphones, Ipad....... i feel very dissapointed and cheated with this.

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    Fix this issue already

    • Written by Raymond C from Ontario

    This was working fine last night on my 8+, suddenly today it isn’t reading any of my cards. Is there going to be a fix for this? Clearly I’m not the only one experiencing issues with the reader.

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    Not work on IOS 12.1.2

    • Written by Hoang Duong P from Los angeles

    Erm. I have bought this for 1 year.
    Wnen my iphone 6s still in ios 11, it work perfectly, i could transfer 4K video from my gopro hero 5.
    Now in ios 12. It is not working, oh. Can not transfer 2k, 4k video from mavic air or gopro hero 5.
    But it work with full HD video. Why??
    Apple, please update or do something with Apple product...
    Thank you.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Michael G from Spout Spring

    Man, I miss Steve Jobs. He would never have let this one out the door. Why anyone would go through the trouble and expense of creating a device such as this and make it unidirectional to meet such a narrow purpose is absolutely beyond me. Almost every Apple user I know is looking for ways to get their images and files from the iphone to other devices, after all that is what makes devices useful since not everyone lives in an apple world. I've never even heard of the use case for transferring photos to their phone, that is easily done in a multitude of ways. This device solves a problem that has already been solved 100 different ways and ignores the glaring problem that few manufacturers have even recognized. To say I was disappointed with this product is the understatement of the century.

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    iPad SD card reader

    • Written by Kin S from Ithaca

    I got the SD card reader from Apple. I can read all the photos on my iPad Pro, but cannot see the videos.... I am using Sony A7. Is there a way to see them? I would like to use the iPad Pro to edit the video. I hope that Apple can fix the problem

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    Works with photos but not videos

    • Written by difei X from pittsburgh

    It works with iPhone and iPad, that is amazing. But advertisement says it can transfer video too, mine doesn't work. (I was transferring mp4 format). :(

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    It worked great but...

    • Written by Denise H from Caldwell

    I have an iPhone 6S and I purchased the Lightning to SD card about two years ago. It worked fantastic, transferring photos as needed. I did not have any problems with it.

    But 5 days ago I updated my phone to iOS 12.2 and the transfer card no longer works. I get a message that states ‘contents not available. cannot read the connected storage media’.

    I hope Apple is paying attention to everyone’s comments and will make a fix. I used this device several times a week.

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    ok, with issues

    • Written by richard B from Victor

    I generally take RAW only photos on a Nikon D810. Wanting to transfer these photos to my iPhone to email/post, I thought this reader would be a good solution. 2 issues. 1-the reader loads all of the images on the card, starting with the oldest. Having taken lots of images on the Nikon, I had to wait to have them all load before I could import the newest I just took. Apple, can you please add an option to load newest first? 2nd, the only way I could get Photoshop mobile to recognize a file was first to open it in Photos and alter it so it would save a jpg. Then open that jpg in PS. Not exactly a great workflow. This could be a PS issue, or it could be an intentional block, I don't know. But I did have the newest system and PS versions (as of 11/8/16). Would be 5 stars without those issues.

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    Sd card reader with update os 10

    • Written by Robert L from Fulton

    This reader worker well with os 9 but once updated to 10 I lost the capability to import photos. Not happy!!!!

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    Works but photos don't open in apps

    • Written by Jamaal M from Thornhill

    I transferred a few 24mp RAW photo files onto my iPhone 6. I can edit the pics in the native Photos app but apps like VSCO and Lightroom Mobile don't let me import the files... not sure if it's because they're too large or what but it's annoying that I can't use it the way I want to.

    It's going back for a refund.

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    It works but it's a stupid slow process

    • Written by Hoi Ying L from Hong Kong

    i have 200 photos in my SD card that i take raw photos wtih my camera. Every time I use this device, it allows me to see the previews only chronologically, without displaying the file name or taken date. It takes 3-4 seconds to load the preview thumbnail of each photo. There's no way to speed up the choosing process. That's too time-consuming!

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    Needs an update. Don't use with most recent iOS

    • Written by Tommy H from Phegans Bay

    Bought this yesterday to be able to transfer photos from my camera to iPad in the field. It only imports photos off a fresh card on the latest iOS. If I erase the card in the camera, then the iPad (running iOS 12) will see the next photos taken. If you put that card back in the camera and take more photos without deleting the last ones then the iPad will not see the most recent photos.
    However, my iPhone 6 (running iOS 11.4.1) works great, and can see all the photos. Hopefully the folks at Apple will see this soon and rectify it. Otherwise its well made not too bulky.

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    2 work or not 2 work

    • Written by Christopher H from North Ipswich

    The sd adaptor has worked fine with my iPhone 6+, but Iv since upgraded to the iPhone 7+ and now it won't work :( also I have the apple air 2 iPad and it isint working on that :( Iv read a lot of reviews that are saying that the 11ios update makes the SD reader unusable :( but seams like it is now completely unusable on all my devices, any help would be grate ,, I love apple and have been realy happy wirh all the products I have but this one issue is a really inconvienet as I need it for my photography backup and also to just have a play with my JPEG images on the adobi apps apple please Make some Magic in a new ISO update so we all can enjoy the freedome we once had,,

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Extreme sd card not uploading

    • Written by gavin I from Bridge of Weir

    Hi folks some good info on here. I bought this device yesterday and it’s great for basic sd cards absolutely superb upload speed. However I have 2 faster SD’s for my camera and the images are showing on the iPad screen but haven’t uploaded it’s almost like they are frozen. I can’t seem to solve the issue and I need the faster cards for my camera. Otherwise would have been 5 stars. I tried deleting the images off the screen however it sat with the whirling wheel on the screen and did nothing for over an hour?! Good piece of kit for the basic sd cards.

  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Use lightning to USB connector instead

    • Written by John V from Falmouth

    If you connect your camera(canon t6s in my case) directly to your iPad Pro you can transfer raw images AND videos using the Lightning USB connector. I have a USB/mini USB cable that hooks the latter into the camera

    It transfers much faster than SD card reader . Takes advantage of IPad Pro's new USB 3 speed. Videos come across great.

  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    It does what it claims

    • Written by Gautam R from Cary

    The product allows one to upload pictures from the SD card to the phone.

    Had bought it for my mother about 3 to 4 yrs ago. Now that my mom is blessing our family from the heavens above, i had decided to use this product.

    Unfortunately, this product does not let you down load pictures from the phone into the SD card

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Lightening to Card Reader

    • Written by Tracy B from NORTH POLE

    I would rate this a 5 star. I love that I can use my iPad to edit photos while on vacation. I purchased this in November 2014 at St John's Towne Center store in Jacksonville. Granted I've gotten more than my $29 worth from this tool however, it no longer works. Stopped working in December 2015, but I thought it was my iPad. I upgraded to the Pro and it still not work. :( I really only use it when traveling but really need it with me today and no store in my town sells them.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    So far so good

    • Written by Maryann J from Wallkill

    As of today, I’m not having issues but still could as I haven’t tried somethings . Wouldn’t import and pixeled photos, a few things I tried when I thought it wasn’t working right are...I plugged it in my phone and when viewing my photos they were all pixel and distorted. Fix.. I took out the card reader from iPad and the SD card and noticed the little SD printed on cable was not on top so I turned cable around with card picture ( little grey SD card that’s showing way to insert) was facing up and plugged in adapter and then my SD card..and than picture were clear and it imported in couple seconds into my iPhone the selected photos. Enlarging the thumbnail is tricky but you can do it. A real pain to make it work this way ..fix..use your two fingers and swipe outward like you do on some things to enlarge. If your fingers are big than might not be so easy. It would lead you to believe they can’t be enlarged, just have to fight with the friggen thumbnail.
    My husband has the Pro and imported in a flash from His Nikon.
    Haven’t went past this point yet but hoping I’m not gonna suffer the painful experience most have here.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Upgrade to iOS 9.2 for iPhone compatibility

    • Written by David R from Carouge

    It's compatible with all iPhone since the 5 and most iPads (see compatibility section above).
    Requires iOS 9.2 to work on iPhone.

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    Accessory not compatible

    • Written by Giovanni E C from Calgary

    I have always used my Apple lightning to 30 pin adapter for saving pics while on vacation and to view and share. I tried it with new iPad Pro and error message of “accessory not compatible” appeared. I discovered if I plug in the lightning adapter in alone first and the connect the 30 pin card reader with the card already inserted into the already connected lightning connector I am able to perform the usual photo import as always.

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