• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    GoPro connection problem

    • Written by Mert S from Antalya

    It is a great device which I have been waiting for. However there is a compatibility issue with GoPro Hero 6 Black. When I plug the adapter into my IPad Air 2 IOS 12.1.1 (Currently most updated) to connect GoPro Hero 6 Black, Photos app auto launches then suddenly crashes. That’s all the thing. I tried to establish a stable connection with various cables however the result was the same. I coordinated with call center and then visited the technical support center too. It seems that my set nicely works with any IPad IOS 11.4 but nothing new. Hope to get an update.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Uploading photos from USB stick (not camera-direct)

    • Written by Adrian C from Vancouver

    Seems to be designed to work only from direct camera transfer. But there is a workaround - thanks to George H from Orlando on the SD Adapter Reviews page:

    Rename photos with 8 characters - four letters then four numbers - ie XXXX1234.jpg The Photo app then will see them. Cumbersome, but it seems to work. (Have only tried with JPG so far)

    Also, I needed to plug in a charger to the adapter.

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    USB 3 Camera Adapter

    • Written by Mark S from Singapore

    It works on my Canon 5D MkII camera and photos can be transferred to my Ipad Pro on ios 11 into Camera Roll.

    But that’s all it can do. I attached power via lightning cable (tried with Anker 60W usb power port and also with Apple Ipad original charger), and attempted photo transfer using a flash disk and tried also using a micro SD card with adaptor; both cannot work at all. Power not enough, really ? At the price Apple charges, for me “Money No Enough”! Buy with care, and you may find many reviewers having this problem. I feel Apple grossly mis-represented the functionalities of this gadget.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Lighting port does not support audio devices

    • Written by Dmitry K from Zharovonki

    I wanted to connect the MIDI-keyboard and the headphones together to my iPhone 7+
    But the Lighting port on this adapter does not support audio devices.

    Everything else is great.

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    Limited Functionality

    • Written by Peter W from Washington

    The $40 adapter will allow you to transfer photos from your camera into Photos, it's advertised function. It also allows me to connect a DAC for headphone listening.

    It will not allow a USB thumb drive to connect - even when the iPad is connected to the charger via the pass-through - stating that it "requires too much power".

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