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    Solid leather case

    • Written by Mark M from Washington

    After getting a small crack on the bottom corner of my phone, I decided to stop going naked and buy a case. I didn't want anything bulky, just something light and thin to protect the edges of the phone (where I drop it the most). When I have put a case on my phone they were generally slim and clear. I wanted something different, so I opted for the saddle brown leather case.
    Straight out of the box, it was a bit too bright for my taste, but still looked nice. The saddle brown with the space gray 6s is a match made in heaven. The leather is genuine, fits wonderfully and has a cutout for the speakers, headphone jack and lighting cable. It's a bit slippery, but still holdable, for the first few days. The power and volume buttons are also stiff for a day or two, but become much more smoother and easier to press.

    After about a week, it starts to get much more grippy and develops a beautiful patina on the back and edges. After about 2-3 weeks, the patina will really start to develop and the case really stands out from the crowd. Trust me, if you love leather patina, you'll love the way this case ages.

    The only negative is that the case scratches pretty easily. In my pocket, on the table or in my laptop bag - regardless of where it's picked up, it consistently gets small scratches on the back. Fortunately, they're easily to rub out or remove with leather conditioner/lotion.

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    Great case if you like leather

    • Written by David G from Mexborough

    I read the other reviews before buying the saddle brown case so I knew exactly what to expect. The leather quickly marks and discolours around the edges until it gets quite dark, it also scratches and scuffs easily but to be frank, that's what I like about it.
    If you like the individuality of the worn leather look then this case is for you, if you want something that keeps it's new look for longer get the black leather or go for the silicon case.

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    Love the color, slippery though

    • Written by David W from Purcellville

    I had the black leather case for my iPhone 6 when it came out. These cases are the perfect compromise between style and functionality. They keep the aesthetic of the beautiful phone, yet it's enough drop protection without going full-on Otterbox.

    My only issue is that the leather on the new 6S cases seem slippery compared to my black 6 version. Maybe that will change with use though.

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    • Written by JJ P from Kingston upon Hull

    Really nice quality, ages nicely with use. I'm using with the gold iPhone - looks really smart.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Leather Case - Saddle Brown

    • Written by Sara S from Loughborough

    The colour of this case is gorgeous and while, over time, the case does change colour and wear, I love it even more. Leather is tough and I've always loved the way in behaves after it's been handled and roughed up; leather is meant to change. I love the concept of protecting your tech and having a unique looking case. I'm patiently waiting for an iPad Smart Case in this colour leather!

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    • Written by Vikram G from Round Rock

    looks classy and great to hold with good grip, IMO, I feel this is the best color , but overpriced as are Apple accessories, adds a little overall thickness to your phone but definitely offers good protection against random drops as these phones are so sleek with smooth edges that they slip away easily .If you don't mind the cost, go for it, definitely an elegant product as third party genuine leather accessories are usually pricier than Apple .

    The logo on the back is just an indented imprint and you can hardly make out that it's an iPhone once the case is on. I wish Apple in future can paint the logo in Red/gold on this saddle brown case to add a dash of glitz and elegance to it .

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    great same case, but no product red

    • Written by Kevin C from La Crescenta

    The craftsmanship of this case is bar-none. Some people might not be a fan of leather, whatever their reason may be. However, I personally love leather because of the feel in hand. Initially, the leather is grippy, soft and tender in a way, for lack of a better word. However with time, the case ages, smooths and begins to feel like a nice tight piece of leather. I have used these leather cases before and they can get scuffed really easily if dropped on concrete for example, or scratched really easily if put in the same pocket with keys for example. I for one, tend to take great care of my phones so dropping and scratches weren't a huge issue for me but one should take that into consideration before buying this case. Normal signs of darkening/wear is to be expected with this case so if you're not a fan of that rustic, worn look, turn back. If you intend on being careful and are willing to sacrifice durability for the premium feel in hand, i'd say go for it. Leather feels so much better in the hand than plastic, or silicone. I am just very disappointed that they didn't bring back the product red in leather. I'm sure it had something to do with the dying process and the wearability of the color, but i really miss having that bright red (my favorite color) in contrast with the black screen. Nonetheless, the case fits perfectly, and it certainly fits my iPhone 6 just as well as it's predecessor.

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    Saddle Brown is closer to rust color

    • Written by Eric S from Herndon

    Got my Saddle Brown case in the mail yesterday. I was a bit shocked by how orange it was. I was expecting a more brownish tone. The craftsmanship is perfect, per usual. I had the brown leather case for my 6 for about 9 months and it has gotten darker over time hoping that this one will do the same.

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