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    Great leather but requires extra care !

    As with ALL good quality leather from luxury houses, you must take extra care with your leather watch bands. I have three of them and they all look brand new. Two of them are 2.5 years old and one will be a year old in June .If you read the insert provided by Hermès it clearly explains how you should care for the leather. This is only a guide and a little common sense helps as well. Avoid any moisture when washing hands and avoid raindrops if possible . Do not use lotions or perfumes and keep leather band free of dust as these are all enemies of any good leather. Take care when removing watch band after wearing and always place in the box or a dust free bag when you are not wearing it .it has been my experience with ALL Hermès leather watch bands that gentle handling when placing on the arm and sliding the ends of the strap gently, not forcefully. This will most certainly cause splitting and cracking if you rush and don’t take extra time when attaching to your arm. Just a side note - which has extended my Hermès leather watch bands. I store mine around a padded leather pillow which you can find on Amazon. This not only keeps its shape but also protects them from getting roughed up if just lying around or stored in a drawer or jewelry case. These leather watch bands are investments and WILL last you many many good years with just a little extra care! Try some of these tips and both your watch band and yourself will be happy with your investments !!!

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    Did not last and no support

    Had it just over a year, looked beautiful when new. Started looking horrible after a few months of normal use. Apple redirected to Hermès store in NYC. Warranty did not cover “wear and tear” and had to deal with very pretentious managers. They discouraged me from sending to Paris for evaluation (takes over a month), saying that most customers would throw away and buy a new one instead.

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    the perfect leather Band.

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    Do Not Buy

    I dreamed about getting this watch band, the only reason I wanted an apple watch was for this band. I have had the band for 4 months and it is already falling apart (splitting at the end) . Four phone calls to apple and I was told I need to go through Hermes for any kind of “issue” (which is not disclosed when you spend the $350). I drive 45 minutes to get to Hermes, they will ship the watch out to Paris for repair BUT it takes 8-12 MONTHS to get it back PLUS you could end up with another fee resulting in another $100. I love luxury... louis vuitton, gucci, prada.... this is the most disappointing luxury item purchase I have EVER made, and apple wont stand behind it. Stay away!

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