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    Size Review

    Great band, but the 42 mm version does run one hole smaller then my solid sport bands. The solid sport bands close on my wrist at the 4th to last hole, where the same size Nike Band closes on the 3rd to last hole. So minor size difference unless you are useing the last two holes. Otherwise, great band... love the color and look. (Review is for the longer 42 mm band)

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great band

    The quality is very premium, well duh it's from apple, and it looks very stunning and surprisingly is able to match anything you wear, the band is also extremely comfortable especially for exercise because those little holes don't only give style but a lot of breathable space for your wrist so they don't get sticky and sweaty as well as being very light yet very sturdy and honestly for me the band fit perfectly and I have very large wrist but I didn't even have to put the pin on the very last hole of the large band so I wouldn't be trusting that first review.

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    Doesn't fit

    I'm a big guy w big wrists. For reference I use the third to last hole on nylon band and second to last hole on sport band. But on this band I used the M/L version, put it on last hole, and it was still tight. Don't know how that's possible or why they do that, especially given there's a smaller band in the box. Will return, look elsewhere.

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