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    The machined aluminum buttons are a mistake

    • Written by Jono G from Medford

    I loved my iPhone 6 Saddle Brown leather case and wanted to continue to use it with my new iPhone 8. But naturally Apple moved the camera just enough so that the old case wouldn't work with my new phone. But whatever, no big deal!

    So I just ordered a new Saddle Brown leather case. Unfortunately there's a pretty significant difference between my old case and my new case, and it has to do with the buttons.

    On the new case they use machined aluminum buttons. The old case may have also used this type of button (I don't know for sure) but the buttons were covered in leather. With the new case the buttons are exposed and that's a problem. As the product description says, "these buttons match the finish of the leather." That's true...until they don't!

    And they won't because, as the product description says, the case "develops a natural patina over time." The patina is the best part about these leather cases and it's why I bought this one again, but once the patina forms the buttons won't match the leather and it's going to look really weird. It'll be a mix of rustic, worn leather with shiny aluminum buttons.

    I am seriously considering returning this case and going with the darker leather options...or maybe even a non-Apple case. We'll see.

    Thanks for reading! I hope this was helpful.

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