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    Perfect iPhone X case, but color choice could be a lot better

    I’ve owned Apple’s silicone iPhone cases since the iPhone 6, and I love them! Great quality, love the soft, but grippy feel of the silicone, and I love the felt on the inside that protects the iPhone from wear marks that other cases might cause. The only complaint I have about the silicone cases for the iPhone X is that the color choices aren’t great. I would like to see a brighter blue, like a turqoise or deep royal blue, and a lime or emerald green. Don’t know why there’s so many dull colors. Dark dull blue, super dark dull blue, dark dull greenish blue, and dark dull green. No bright blue or green of any kind. Glad they added a bright yellow and bright orange at least, but I’m not a fan of yellow or orange. Hope Apple releases more bright colors for the iPhone X.

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    Silicone Case

    I have had 2 silicone cases for previous iPhones, and am glad to see that they are still available for the next version of iPhone I am researching at the moment. Great case, grips well in a pocket or purse, resilient, sleek and utilitarian.

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    Great Case

    I own nearly every Apple product but, this was my first time buying one of their cases for my iPhone X. The case is sleek, easy to clean, has a good feel in hand and is very gripable. But after having it for less that a month, apart of it broke between the ringer switch and volume buttons. It will works fine and looks okay.

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    Its good but has one weakness

    Unfortunately, this is not a case for you to m=play around with. I was putting it on and taking it off constantly and one day it just broke, right by the power button it just snapped. So if you are going to keep it on, get it, if you are going to change it every time I would recommend use extreme caution

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    Good.. but not in the long term. Get the leather one instead!

    Initial impressions are great, it feels great, and it protects your phone. But this case breaks down way too easily, like every other apple silicone case. The bottom corners start chipping off, and the area between the volume button breaks. Silicone also doesn't feel as good, after a few months, it feels too stick and greasy. It also sticks to your pockets way too much and you often find yourself cleaning it. It's been a month and I already have wear and tear on the bottom corners. The grippy coating also rubs off after a while, and you can start seeing shiny edges on the case. Overall, I can see why someone would love this when they initially get it, but I expect a case at this price, to last for more than a year. That is why I recommend the leather case, although it gets a patina effect over time,(which looks beautiful) it shows no signs of actually breaking, even after years, what so ever. The feel of the leather is also much more premium. GET THE LEATHER CASE, NOT THIS!

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    The Blue Cobalt color is definitely my favorite color out of all of these. It's a very nice blue color without being too bright, obnoxious or flashy. The silicone is easy to hold/grip and I almost never feel like it's going to fall out of my hands. I know sometimes if you have dry hands it does feel more slippery when holding it.

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