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    Better than I expected

    The feel of the band is incredible. I think i like it more for day to day use just because of the hint of flavor it adds to the watch. Green is my favorite color and the check patten is really nice. I feel like the green band really goes well in particular with the new Toy Story watch faces especially the one with Buzz Lightyear.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great addition to my band collection

    Although I’ve got this band a few hours ago, I am reviewing it, so you may think it may be too early. You might be right, but I’m assuming the quality of the material is equal to the prior nylon bands (my s2 silver watch sport came with the pearl nylon band, which I ldid learn to like over time). Even new, it’s soft and as comfortable as the original band, and I expect it to be as sturdy as the pearl is. For my taste, it looks great when attached to the watch; the dark connectors make an interesting effect, and as a result, the aluminium case shines brighter. The thread pattern is modern as in “modern classic” (it reminds me some fabrics patterns back from the 70’s). The result is like wearing a modern industrial design piece of tech using a kind-of-rugged NATO bracelet, only this bracelet adds up a surprisingly fashionable twist. In other words, this band makes the watch looks “chic-relaxed” if this means anything . When brand-new clean, the pearl band looks too close to the Milanese Loop; for some this might be a plus, for me, well, I hated that, so I hated the pearl band until it got some dirt on,
    As for other level of detail, you may have being somehow bothered with clear-coloured bands, as the arm hairs (dark in my case) highlight at the light background (noticeably against the white sport band, and other light colours as well). Sometimes I notice it, but i don’t think it’s such a big deal Well, this is not the case here; the band’s pattern prevails.
    I have used the pearl nylon band for the last 6 months under pretty hard conditions, under heavy sun and rain, in some occasions during 4-hours long trail/enduro mountain biking as well. It is comfortable, and when attached the right way to the wrist, the watch has no problems in reading my pulse. It dries fast, and wearing it while taking the post-ride shower has kept the band clean/dirty enough and smell-free; just give it a little rest and use other band from time to time.
    Is 49 USD + taxes too expensive? Read other forums, my experience is not different: other bands may be cheaper, just, if not for a couple of exceptions, all ways cheaper.

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