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    The Pack Is Bad

    • Written by Zac C from Brisbane

    It breaks your MacBook. The screws break off!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    AVOID. Screws break off inside mount.

    • Written by Harrison L from Basingstoke

    Screws break off inside the mount, and are very fragile. Do not buy!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    The included screws are made of a very soft metal

    • Written by Ky H from Somerville

    In order to receive technical support for my iMac Pro at an Apple Store I needed to remove the VESA mount and put on the original stand. When taking off and putting on the VESA mount I realized how soft the metal screws actually are they have started to strip despite only tightening them lightly. I may need to buy a second mount in order to get replacement screws. Be very careful installing and uninstalling this mount as these screws are highly problematic!

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    Buyer Beware!

    • Written by Quinn N from SALT LAKE CITY

    The "fasteners" [it won't let me say the word which rhymes with brews] included with this kit are awful and you should not use them when installing the mount. Get another set of stainless steel Torx TR10 "fasteners" from a hardware store. The included ones are a cheap zinc material where the heads break off from the "fastener" body super easily. When this happens, you'll never get the adapter off. I took mine to the Apple Store which took two weeks to fix it under warranty. When I got it back, one of the "fasteners" they installed also broke and I couldn't get it off! If you install this with the stock screws, don't plan to ever be able to remove it. It's a joke.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    excellent but pay attention

    • Written by Timothy A from pfafftown

    great kit with good instructions, heres a couple of tips: the small screws(9 ea) that hold the stand on are short and hard to grab when removing so be careful or you will drop one inside, like I did but it was easily removed with a magnet tipped screwdriver.
    once the new bracket is in place with (5) screws the vesa plate attaches to the bracket with (2)screws . the vesa plate has foam pads on feet to rest against back of iMac pro case, these 2 screws need to be tight enough to seat the register pins on bracket in the vesa plate , but the foam wants to hold the bracket off, so you can gently press on the vest plate while tightening , or wait a min for the foam to depress and retighten until its good and tight.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Easy to install; solid build

    • Written by Ricky S from McHenry

    Instructions were very clear and installation straightforward. The mount fits very well to the iMac Pro; machined beautifully and a nice solid build.

    Really appreciate Apple's attention to detail to include the packaging.

    Side note for owners of other Apple VESA mounting kits. Outside the color, this one may be specific to the iMac Pro. I know it is quite a bit different than the one I had to mount a 27" Apple LED Cinema Display.

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