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    It's high quality, it's comfortable, and it looks really nice. Also it's great that proceeds go to support the various organizations. Good job, Apple

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    The strap feels really well made with good quality materials. Very light weight and the colours are so vibrant to the eyes. Fits perfectly with my watch the white and colours blend in nicely with my space grey watch

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    Pride Edition

    Thank you Apple once again for creating the Pride Edition band for the Apple Watch. Always support the companies that support you. It gives me so much joy that Apple continues to support the LGBTQ community and that a portion of the proceeds from the Pride Edition band will benefit the LGBTQ community. As far as the band goes, it’s a completely different look from the 2017 band. This band is not as flashy as last years. It has a simple, minimalistic look to it, while still showing off the vivid colors of the rainbow. The white nylon in between the rainbow colors is a clean bright white, and shows off the rainbow colors pretty well. The band looks much better in person than it does from online images. The woven nylon material is very comfortable on your wrist and does not snag on your skin or arm hair. I will be purchasing a pride band every year if they continue to change the design and improve the band.

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    I absolutely love the 2018 Pride edition Apple Watch band!!!! I have last years and now this new one and I love them both! I love that I can change them out throughout the month and all year long!!! Thank you Apple for your support of the LGBTQ community!!!

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    So happy!

    I absolutely love this and am thrilled I could order this. I missed the last year's edition! Was bummed until my co worker pointed out on WWDC at work saying that there was new band edition. I immediately got on apple website and waited 30 minutes after WWDC ended and finally bought it! Got it today and I'm in love with it. HOWEVER, would be nicer to have option for black band with rainbow (to match the black stainless steel AND the Pride Watch Face. The rainbow is in front of black background so why not offer black band with rainbow? But regardless, I'm happy with this band! Would definitely grab another if there was black version! I even love the "Pride 2018" on the band. Wasn't expecting that!

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    Nice band, though last years was more appealing ��

    I found it doesn’t look as good on black Apple watches compared to silver and gold. Still well made none the less and the nylon is extremely comfortable! Will Apple ever make Pride cases for the iPhone?????

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