Supplier Responsibility

Designed by Apple in California. Made by people everywhere.

Apple products are made possible by millions of people in over 50 countries. From sourcing to recycling, we apply the highest standards to ensure that every person in our supply chain is valued, respected and safe.

Our values
lead the way.

dedicated to people.

Powered by workers’ voices.

Educating tomorrow’s innovators. Today.

Safer places and high‑tech spaces.

No compromises
on health
and safety.

Facilities fit for innovation.

Two-time EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year.

A planet-sized plan.

Carbon-neutral. We’re zeroed in.

Environmental rights are human rights.

Closer to closing the material sourcing loop.

Our progress never stops. Read the full report.

View the 2022 Progress Report (PDF)


Apple Standards

  • Human Rights Policy

    View (PDF)

  • Supplier Code of Conduct and Supplier Responsibility Standards

    View (PDF)

  • Regulated Substances Specification

    View (PDF)

Apple Suppliers

Reports and Filings

More on supply chain innovation from Apple.

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