Final Cut Studio 2 VLA 5+ Lic Edu & Govt

Final Cut Studio 2 VLA 5+ Lic Edu & Govt

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Whether your business or institution is large or small, the Apple Volume Licensing Agreement (VLA) provides an easy and cost-effective way to purchase Apple's Final Cut Studio software for multiple systems.

Customers will receive a certificate that authorizes their use of the software for the number of licenses purchased. Media Sets and Doc Sets are not included in License fee. The number of sets of each available for purchase is limited to the number of Licenses purchased. Media Sets, Doc Sets and Technical Support are not counted in determining volume license level. Upon completion of your Final Cut Studio Volume License order, you will receive an electronic or physical copy of a document containing the serial number for the licenses that you have ordered. The user manual is in PDF form on the DVD media so purchasing a manual (the printed Document Set) is optional if you only order a Media set.

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