Will the smart cover work with the new iPad?

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    yes. it should work with it as its the same width and also its listed on the smart cover page that it works with both ipads (2,3) .

  • Yes the Smart Cover is compatible with the iPad 2 and later, so the Smart Cover will work with the new iPad.

  • It works brilliantly. I think smartcovers are actually slightly better on the new iPad. Since they are slightly thicker than the iPad2, the smartcover folds around the back a little more elegantly. On the front, the fit is absolutely identical.

  • Yes it will.

  • Yes.

  • Yes, it works just fine!

  • yes it will

  • Sold my iPad 2 and kept the smartcover... Now using it on my new iPad.

  • Yes

  • Yes

  • yes

  • Yes it will, as long as you have it set in your settings to on. I have the ipad 3 with the smart cover and it works perfectly. If you like the iPad , you will just love the new iPad.

  • Yes

  • Yes, if you look at the bottom of the smart cover page, as with all accessories, it shows what devices the accessory works with - in this case "iPad 2 and iPad third Generation."

  • yes, it says it will work w/ the iPad 2,3.

  • Absolutely! I was excited to see that it works perfectly with the new iPad.

  • yes