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Paul Pilone

Genre: Education

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----------------------------------------------iHomework is also available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Find it in the iTunes App Store and enjoy!----------------------------------------------iHomework is a student's best friend during the busy times of the school year. Keep up-to-date with your school work, grades, to-do's, teacher's information, and almost everything else you need during the school year. iHomework is the only school organizer that can be with you anywhere you go, whether that be on your iPhone/iPod touch, iPad, or Mac!iHomework for Mac offers you a fantastic way to focus on getting your school work done, while not having to remember every little detail. The stylish and clean interface let's you organize your work the way you want it.iHomework Features ---------------- iCal Integration------------Add important deadlines to iCal so you can receive alerts when things are due. Sync the iHomework calendar with your mobile device to receive alerts on the go!Assignments ---------- Keep track of all the upcoming work for the school year. View details about your homework including deadlines, grades, partners, and local files. You can view your work in detail or by day, making it easy for you to focus on what is important (your school work)!Reading and Books --------------- Keep track of any reading assignments you have during the week. Link the reading with a course and any assignments that are related. Bookmark definitions or important paragraphs so you can go back to them anytime. Your list of books is a great place to keep notes about your text books (like how expensive they are) and the author. Reminders -------- Remember what you need at the grocery store with Reminders. Keep reminders around so you don't forget those daily to-do's that you need to get done. Great for anything in your life that isn't school work - keep everything you need in one convenient app! Courses ------ Keep track of your course information and teacher contact info. Mark the locations of a class for every day on your schedule. Quickly email your teachers and keep track of your course work.Keep track of your schedule for the year - you'll never "forget" to go to class again! Schedule ------- iHomework lets you record class times no matter what kind of schedule your school is on. Whether weekly or block schedule, iHomework lets you enter your schedule and keep track of all your courses. Teachers ------- Keep track of your teacher's contact information. Quick access to teacher's office hours and email - so you can email them when you forget to turn something in! Sync ---- iHomework is the only school organizer available for iPhone/iPod touch, iPad, and Mac. Add your work on the go and sync it with your laptop when you get the time. Can't use an iPod in class? Add assignments on your laptop and sync with your iPod later. Learn more in the App Store