A watch that considers all the different ways you move.

Apple Watch tracks your daily activity, measures workouts, and encourages healthy routines. And because it’s built to be accessible, you can get accurate fitness tracking however you move, feel a gentle tap when it’s time for a meeting, or hear a text message read aloud.

Activity App

Activity app on Apple Watch

The Activity app provides a snapshot of your daily activity, with the goal of closing each of the three rings every day. For wheelchair users, the rings are Roll, Exercise, and Move. Instead of a Stand goal, the Roll goal encourages you to roll or stretch every hour. For your Exercise and Move goals, Activity measures pushes, so active calories are calculated more accurately. Sensors are configured to address different surface types, inclines, and transition moments, such as moving from a wheelchair to a seat at your desk, or from your chair to your car.

Activity app on Apple Watch

Workout App

Workout app on Apple Watch

The Workout app lets you accurately measure your movement in specific exercise routines and set goals based on time, distance, or calories. For wheelchair users, there are two unique workouts — Outdoor Wheelchair Walk Pace and Outdoor Wheelchair Run Pace. Just choose a workout and Apple Watch turns on the appropriate sensors.

Workout app on Apple Watch

Click Speed Adjustments

Click Speed Adjustments in Apple Watch app

With Click Speed Adjustments, you can set your own speed for double clicks and triple clicks of the side button, giving you more time to open apps and features like Apple Pay.

Click Speed Adjustments in Apple Watch app



Apple Accessibility Support

Learn more at Apple Accessibility Support

User Guides

Apple Watch User Guide (Apple Books)

Open the Apple Watch User Guide in Apple Books

Developer Resources

Apple Accessibility for Developers

Resources to help developers make their apps more accessible.

Learn more about Apple Accessibility for Developers

Enable accessibility features on Apple Watch.

  • On Apple Watch

    1. Open Settings.
    2. Select General, then Accessibility.
    3. Select and turn on the features you want to use.
  • On iPhone

    1. Open Watch.
    2. In My Watch tab, select General, then Accessibility.
    3. Select and turn on the features you want to use.

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