watchOS 8

A look inward.
A leap forward.

watchOS 8 helps you stay connected, active, and healthy like never before. Share your favorite memories with the enhanced Photos app. Put more fun into your texts. Find new ways to center yourself and be present. And that’s just the start.

Connected to you, through and through.

watchOS 8 makes staying connected with the people and things you care about easier than ever. See your photos, share your favorite music, and send and reply to messages in powerful new ways — all from your wrist.


Portrait mode photos from iPhone. Now on your watch face.

Put your favorite photos of friends and family front and center. Featuring a dynamic, multilayered effect, this new watch face uses Portrait mode photos from your iPhone to give the people you care about a starring role.

New Memories served daily

Photo highlights from your Memories and Featured Photos now automatically sync to your watch, serving up something new every day.

A picture-perfect view

The photo collection from your Memories is displayed in a unique mosaic grid, giving you a richer view of your library.

Wear it, show it, share it

With a few taps, now you can share photos via Messages and Mail.


Smart home, smarter watch

When one of your smart devices is activated, watchOS 8 can automatically make suggestions for others nearby. For instance, if someone rings your connected doorbell, you might see options like unlocking the door or turning on the entry lights.

One room, lots of views

Access all your security cameras in the new Camera room. A variety of aspect ratios are supported, as is two‑way audio on cameras that offer it. To see a full‑screen view, just tap.

Mission: control

Now you can access your scenes more quickly. watchOS 8 knows which ones you’re most likely to use based on the time of day — then serves them up intuitively.

Status symbols

The current status of all your devices is now conveniently displayed at the top of the Home app screen. Instantly see if your lights or cameras are on, whether your batteries are charged, or if your software needs updating.

Messages and Mail

New Contacts app

Quickly browse, add or edit contacts right on your watch.

Music that sends you

Share songs, albums, and playlists through Messages and Mail with the redesigned Music app.


Reduce distractions

Focus helps you stay in the moment when you need to concentrate, allowing only the notifications you want. Choose from suggested Focus options like Mindfulness or Fitness, or create your own. Any Focus you set syncs across your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Signal your status

Stepping away is easier if others know you’re busy. So when you’re using Focus, your status will be automatically displayed in Messages. And for truly urgent messages there’s still a way for people to notify you.

New health and fitness features. Good for the mind and the body.

Now more than ever, good health means not just exercising your body, but also clearing your mind. New features in watchOS 8 bring a holistic approach to health and fitness. So in addition to feeling the burn, you can also feed the soul.


Log in to your noggin

The popular Breathe app has been reimagined, expanded, and renamed Mindfulness.

Pause to Reflect

To help you be more mindful in your everyday life, the new Reflect feature asks you to focus on a short, thought-provoking theme. A beautiful animation helps you visualize as a minute passes.

Breathe, now deeper

The Breathe feature has been refreshed with new visualizations and tips that help you focus, center, and connect as you breathe.

Mindful Minutes

Breathe and Reflect sessions end with a summary of total Mindful Minutes you’ve achieved, along with your average heart rate — to reinforce your mind-body connection.


Know your sleeping respiratory rate

By calculating your breaths per minute as you slumber — also known as sleeping respiratory rate — Apple Watch gives you greater insight into your overall wellness.1

Track your trends

See all your Sleep data and trends over time in the Health app on iOS. Along with Sleep, you can now track trends for even more health metrics to better see changes in your health over time.

Learn more about the Health app


Fall detection for workouts2

If you take a hard fall during a workout, your watch will call for

Smarter Outdoor Cycling features

Apple Watch now detects when you’re riding a bike and prompts you to start a cycling workout. It can also automatically pause and start again when you take a break. If you’re riding an e-bike, you’ll now get more accurate calculations of calories burned. And voice feedback can help you safely track your milestones via speaker, AirPods, or Bluetooth headphones.

Stretch your body, and your boundaries

Now there’s a workout for Pilates. A custom algorithm tracks your metrics as you develop greater core strength, posture, balance, and flexibility with this series of controlled, progressive exercises.

Brand new, yet entirely ancient

See all your metrics as you clear your mind and reduce stress with Tai Chi, the 2000-year-old practice that’s like meditation in motion.

Even more to discover.

Lost and found.

Locate misplaced Apple devices with Find Devices — and never let your AirPods go missing again.


Now people who are limb different can use Apple Watch. Built-in motion sensors help answer calls, control an onscreen pointer, and even launch a menu of actions — all through hand gestures.

Always‑On display.

The Always‑On display allows you to see your watch face without raising your wrist or waking your watch. And now it works with lots of additional apps, including Alarms, Maps, Stopwatch, and your favorite third‑party apps.

New Contacts app.

No more searching for someone’s email address or phone number. Now you can quickly browse, add, or edit contacts right on your watch.

Audio controls.

See real‑time headphone audio levels in Control Center when you’re listening to media — just like on iPhone and iPad.

Set multiple timers at once.

One for the rice. Another for the veggies. And, of course, don’t forget about what’s on the grill. Start several timers simultaneously and give each one a label.

watchOS 8 compatibility.

  • watchOS 8 requires iPhone 6s or later with iOS 15 or later and one of the following Apple Watch models:
  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • Apple Watch Series 4
  • Apple Watch Series 5
  • Apple Watch SE
  • Apple Watch Series 6
  • Apple Watch Series 7
  • Not all features are available on all devices.

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The Health app. With a healthy dose of updates.

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Developers will love watchOS, too.

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