Everything you need to teach anything. Apps that delight. Books that captivate. Videos that inspire. A world of learning possibilities awaits in every iPad. Who knew you could fit so much knowledge into a device so thin and light?

App Store. Whatever the lesson, make apps part of the plan.

The App Store features over 75,000 education apps — designed especially for iPad — that cover a wide range of subjects for every grade level and learning style.

From phonics to physics, we’ve got you covered.

The App Store gives you endless ways to help students learn new concepts and express their creativity. Let your class explore the properties of magnesium with an interactive periodic table of elements. Teach young readers new words with an app that turns word-building into a game. Or find a digital painting app to make art anywhere without brushes or paint. You can find study aid apps built specifically for drills and practice. And apps that complement different learning styles. Whatever you’re teaching, apps help you do what you do best — inspire students to think in new ways.

Start your search with our handpicked collections.

We’ve made it easy for you to find the right apps for every student and class. Find curated, popular apps — organized by both subject and grade level — that are sure to get your students engaged. For students with disabilities, our special education collection has amazing apps for every need — from sign language and communication to life skills. We’ve even created a collection of apps just for teachers to help you organize more efficiently and teach more effectively.

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iBooks. A smart way for classrooms to stay well read.

iBooks is stacked with materials to help you teach practically any subject. And because many books are created just for iPad, they’re not just great reads — they’re great interactive experiences.

Books they won’t want to put down.

iBooks has a massive selection of books for your class. Discover children’s books, classic novels, biographies, reference guides and textbooks from major education publishers. And many of them are free. You can find curated collections, like standards-aligned books and Common Core edition textbooks. Even custom books created by other teachers. And with the iBooks app, your students can download books you selected directly onto iPad, so they always have access to a locker’s worth of textbooks — or even an entire library.

Textbooks that aren't so by-the-book.

Many textbooks from major education publishers are made specifically for iBooks, taking full advantage of the capabilities of iPad. Students can dive into a dynamic timeline about ancient Egypt, rotate a 3D red blood cell or take an interactive chapter review quiz. If they don’t know the definition of a word, one tap pulls it up. They can highlight or underline text with the swipe of a finger, make quick notes and create study cards to review later. Studying is an immersive, interactive experience that goes well beyond the words on the page.

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Create your own interactive learning materials.

With the free iBooks Author app for Mac, you can easily make Multi‑Touch books for iPad that let you teach your subject your way. It’s perfect for when you need to create materials tailored to your lesson and class level. Maybe you want to make levelled books for different students. Or you have a unique perspective on how to teach a topic. Start with built-in templates, then customize content by dragging and dropping everything in.

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iTunes U. Full of bright ideas.

iTunes U is a destination within iTunes solely dedicated to great education content. It’s filled with countless learning resources like lectures, videos, books and more. And it’s all free.

Teach with content from top institutions.

iTunes U is an ever-growing collection of educational content from institutions around the world. Access over 750,000 resources on every topic. It’s easy to use iTunes U materials to complement your lessons. You can bring in an MIT physicist as a guest lecturer. Let history speak for itself with archival films from the Library of Congress. Or add to a math lesson with an origami tutorial from the Asian Art Museum. Whatever you’re teaching, you can find resources to help your students gain a deeper understanding of the lesson at hand.

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Get inspiration from teachers like you.

The iTunes U catalogue is also an amazing repository of more than 5,000 iTunes U courses published by teachers, instructors and professors from around the world. Explore how other teachers are teaching. Browse their syllabi, lessons and course materials to get ideas. Or sign up for their courses and experience how they’re teaching classes to their students using videos, digital books and apps — right from the iTunes U app on iPad.

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