Customize Your Presenter Display

When you give a Keynote presentation, you can display notes and other helpful tools on a secondary monitor. It’s easy to customize the information on this display.

To customize the presenter display:

  1. Choose Play > Customize Presenter Display.
  2. In the Customize Presenter Display window, select the options you want to see in the presenter display.

    Current Slide shows the current slide.

    Build Markers indicate how many builds are on the slide.

    Next Slide shows a preview of the next slide.

    Ready to Advance Indicator lets you know when all the builds on the slide are finished playing.

    Notes shows the presenter notes you’ve written.

    Timer lets you know how long it’s been from the moment you advanced to the second slide.

  1. Drag and resize the items on the screen to position them in the way you prefer.

To learn more, see “About Rehearsing and Viewing Presentations” in Keynote Help.

Customize Your Presenter Display