Reduce the File Size of Your Presentation

If you add a lot of multimedia content — such as photos and movies — to your presentation, your Keynote document might get very large.

There’s an easy way to reduce a Keynote document’s file size — by removing the unused parts of the media.

To reduce the size of a Keynote document:

  1. Save your document.
  2. Make sure no media files on the slide canvas are selected, and then choose File > Reduce File Size.

After you’ve reduced the file size of your Keynote document and then saved it again, you won’t be able to restore the images to a larger size or access the unused parts of your media files. It’s a good idea to back up your presentation before using this feature.

To learn more, see “Reducing Image File Sizes” and “Reducing the Size of Media Files” in Keynote Help.

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