Viewing All Formulas in a Spreadsheet

You can view a list of all the formulas in a spreadsheet. Simply click Formula List in the toolbar of the Numbers document, and all the formulas in your spreadsheet are displayed in the formula list window.

Use these tips when you’re working in the formula list window:

  • To identify the cell containing a formula, click the formula. The table is shown above the formula list window with the formula cell selected.
  • To edit the formula, double-click it.
  • To change the size of the formula list window, drag the selection handle in its upper-right corner up or down.
  • To find formulas that contain a particular element, for example, the function SUM, type the element in the search field and press Return.
Viewing Formulas

To learn more about viewing formulas, see “Viewing All Formulas in a Spreadsheet” in Numbers Help. To learn about printing this list of formulas along with your spreadsheet, see “Printing a Spreadsheet” in Numbers Help.