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iLife ’11


DVDs made easy.

Create your own DVD in less time than it takes to watch one. With iDVD, you can premiere your movies and photo slideshows on a professional-quality DVD with animated menus, buttons, scene selection, and more. All customizable to suit whatever you’re sharing.


Automatically create a DVD project in minutes.


Build your DVD project any way you want.


Burn your DVD to watch on a TV, Mac, or PC.

Create a DVD in minutes.

When you’re eager to share your movies and photo slideshows, you don’t want to spend hours and hours creating a DVD. With iDVD, you don’t have to.

Work some DVD magic.

Take Magic iDVD, for example. Open iDVD and choose Magic iDVD. Then pick a theme and select the movies and photos you want to feature from the iLife Media Browser. Magic iDVD automatically creates a complete project — including main menu, buttons, scene selection menus, and slideshow menus — from start to finish. All you do is burn your DVD.

Create your DVD.

Use Magic iDVD and themes to create a professional-looking DVD.

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The theme’s the thing.

iDVD also lets you customize your DVDs by starting with themes. Choose from more than 150 Apple-designed themes in widescreen and standard format, each providing a family of coordinated screens including main menu, chapters menu, and extras menu for content like slideshows. Many themes feature attractive animations, and every theme offers drop zones that make it easy to personalize your menus by dragging in photos and movie clips from the iLife Media Browser.

Go from camera to DVD in OneStep.

Have footage in your video camera that you can’t wait to see or share? Create your own “digital dailies” with OneStep DVD. Plug in your camcorder and iDVD opens, offering you the option of creating a OneStep DVD. Click the OneStep button, and iDVD takes all the footage on your camcorder and burns it to DVD. As you burn your disc, iDVD informs you of its progress, providing stage-by-stage indicators with detailed progress bars — even live video thumbnails.

Customize your DVD.

If you’re more the hands-on type, iDVD gives you lots of options for further customizing your DVD.

Make a scene.

Choose an iMovie project as your next iDVD project and you can add a scene selection menu. iDVD automatically imports iMovie chapter markers and uses them to create your scene selections. For each chapter marker on the timeline, iMovie adds a thumbnail of the scene and an editable chapter title (such as “Blowing out the Candles” or “You May Kiss the Bride”).

Edit the chapter title in iMovie and you’ll have less work to do later, as iDVD picks up the chapter titles for its scene selection buttons.

Show off slideshows.

You can also use iDVD to show off your photos. Choose an iDVD theme and add photos one at a time or select albums, custom iPhoto books, slideshows — maybe even a video clip or two — from the iLife Media Browser. Then use the iDVD slideshow editor to rearrange photos, delete slides, or add more images from iPhoto. The slideshow editor includes tools for setting the slide duration, assigning transitions, and adding a soundtrack using songs from your iTunes library.

Add finishing touches.

Once you have all your content in place, iDVD lets you customize your menu screens. Customize drop zones with photos or video clips, choose from a library of buttons, and use built-in alignment guides to make your DVD perfect.

Customize your DVD.

Customize your DVD even further with iMovie chapter markers and more.

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Burn to share.

Once you finish your DVD masterpiece, only one step remains: burning it. With iDVD, you can burn to single- or double-layer DVDs. And the people you share your DVDs with can watch them anywhere they want: on a standard TV, a widescreen TV, a Mac, or a PC.

With support for a wide variety of DVD media formats — including DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R DL, and DVD+R DL — iDVD works with an Apple SuperDrive or any compatible third-party DVD burner to offer you plenty of burning options. The advanced pro encoding technology in iDVD ensures that your DVD is the highest possible quality. Just like a Hollywood DVD, only better (because it’s yours).

Burn a DVD.

iDVD lets you burn your project to DVD so you can share it with friends and family.

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