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About Network Utility

The Network Utility app is included with your Mac. It provides information and tools to help you with your network....

Common Criteria Tools v1.0

An international standard that helps to ensure the security of computer systems in a network environment.

Common Criteria Tools for 10.5

An international standard that helps to ensure the security of computer systems in a network environment.

Common Criteria Tools for 10.4

An international standard that helps to ensure the security of computer systems in a network environment.

Impulse Response Utility

Impulse Response Utility For OS X 100 KApple Inc. Copyright © 2013 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Your rights

About your support coverage and service options

If you want to update information in our records about your purchase or agreement, we’re here to help .

Q: Boot time increased by 10 min for latest Macbook pro after upgrade to 10.13.4. Any help please

A new Mac comes with 90 days of free tech support from AppleCare .     Please call AppleCare   AppleCare : 1-800-275...

Q: Pls help mr iphone5 @ iPod

I am very upset, pls help me, what can I do.

Q: I have managed to lose my mckintosh HD start disk. can someone help me?

I have tried to erase and reinstall OS High Sierra without sucess. Can someone help me?

Q: help me pls i can’t figure this out

sooo i found my ipad min in my desk and i forgot the password and can’t get into it. but. my laptop is saying “to allow...

Logic Pro X: Glossary

file, and also provides access to a number of special sample processing tools . audio interface The device used to get sound...

Q: i use a macbook air and was downloading high got stuck on installation with a pitch black screen and it said installatin about 30 minutes has been 6 hours now but it still there.can someone help me?

there. can someone help me?

Q: I need help again!

the option/alt key during a restart and select Recovery Volume). Run Disk Utility and select First Aid. Then re-install the OS...

Q: My iPhone 7 Plus screen is cracked, where i repair it? And what’s the charge for it, plz help me,

Screen damage if determined by Apple to be accidental is not covered by the regular warranty. If you have Applecare ...

Q: need help w unsuccessful OS update

Do you have a backup you can restore from?   Boot to the Recovery Volume (command - R on a restart). Run Disk Utility ...

Q: How to find help in transferring data and photos to a new iPad

Someone could help you, you’d just need to make an appointment. Or you can do it yourself. I’ve moved data to new...

Q: i reset my imac but i deleted everything , including the macintosh info. A flashing gray folder with a question mark came up so i restarted it and went to the macOS utilities window where i shoukd be able to reinstall macOS but it is not allowing me

I really need some help because I think broke it and I really don’t know what to do , I’ve reset the date and made sure...

Q: I use to have an iPhone 5c and now I have an iPhone 7 Plus. On my old phone I was paying a dollar plus each month for iCloud storage. Now I want to cancel that coverage and pay for it on my new phone. Can you help me with that.

and want to cancel the coverage on my old phone and have it on my iPhone 7 Plus. Can you please help me with this? ...

Q: Why does my iPhone 6 Plus battery drain so quick with no apps open it can die within 1 half to two hours??? Very annoying only done this since last update??? Please help

Very confusing please help

Q: Can I do this in Recovery mode?? Need Help ASAP

is my Internet Recovery. Need Help ASAP .

Q: need help with owner iD

You can't. That is the anti-thief tool of Apple called the Activation Lock. It can only be released by the previous...

Q: Help mounting LaCie external drive

show up in Disk Utility .   If I had another (firewire enabled) Mac to try it on, I would, but I don't.

Q: I am wanting to do a pamemt plan through apple cam you help me?

one and would love to but I need your help . 

Q: HELP!  Can't log in to macbook

account on screen.   I tried recovery mode but it only appeared the grey lock on screen. Please help me!

Q: Please help Macbook pro full load bar no login???

log  in screen Tried disc utility And full reset  still NOT working Need help please? I have 2011 MacBook pro...

Q: where is "disk utility" located.

I'm having problems with Safari and I can't find DISK UTILITY .

Q: apple watch utility app on iphone won't open

I have an 8+.... when launching the watch utility app from the phone, it just crashes and will not open. I've tried un...

Q: I need help to to reset my password

I need help to reset my password on my MacBook Pro, Change or reset the password of a macOS user account - Apple

Q: need help with security questions and apple id

have my old cell phone or my old credit card somebody please help me to find out how to get into my account thank you so much...

Q: Could not create a preboot volume for apfs install. Please Help!

My process was Going to the CMD+ R screen Going to Disk Utilities -Erasing Macintosh HD -Rebooting and going back to CMD+R screen...