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AppleCare Help Desk Support: How to find the registration number

Learn how to find the registration number of an AppleCare Help Desk Support Agreement.

Q: I need help getting email on both phone and desk top

I was getting email mostly on phone but now it’s all being set to desktop 

If you don’t see your AppleCare plan on My Support

Registered AppleCare plans are listed with your Apple device on My Support. If you don't see your plan, learn what to do....

How to request a refund for an AppleCare plan

We want you to love everything you buy from Apple. But if you need to return an AppleCare Protection Plan or AppleCare ...

About SMS phone number verification for AppleCare in Canada and the U.S.

Learn how AppleCare uses SMS phone number verification to help verify ownership of a phone number in some support cases...

macOS Sierra: Network Utility Help

Network Utility provides information about your network and troubleshooting tools .

Q: Applecare+

Im trying to buy applecare + online and required to run remote diagnostics. I did as per instructions but seem like it's...

OS X Server Admin: Get help for command-line tools

information for shell commands, tools , and high-level concepts. To view a man page, enter: $ man tool Replace tool with the name...

Q: can i buy applecare after my orginal purchase date? which incluedes the fee for future cracked screens as well as two accidental damages for free to fix?

Can I buy an AppleCare plan for my device? -   iPhone Repair - Screen Damage

Q: Applecare

Screen damage if determined by Apple to be accidental is not covered by the regular warranty. If you have Applecare ...

Q: applecare+

My AppleCare + is still valid in the website. If I go to store now and I want to repair my cracked screen

Q: i have littile crach in the screen and i have applecare+ i wanna fix it with this apple care +

Accidental screen damage is not covered by the regular warranty. If you have Applecare Plus you get two accidental...

Q: Don’t have AppleCare?

but I get very annoyed knowing the fact that it’s cracked, I’m not covered by AppleCare but I checked and it said that my phone...

AppleCare for Enterprise

personalized assistance from experts who can keep your IT operations running smoothly.

Get help with Aperture 3

If Aperture 3 isn't starting up properly or performing normally, try these basic steps to troubleshoot the situation.

Get help with video issues on external displays connected to your Mac

If you've tried these steps and your display still isn't working, contact Apple Support to get more help . Diagnostic...

AirPort Utility 5.3.2 for Leopard

more about AirPort. What’s New in this Version AirPort Utility v5.3.2 is the simple to use, setup and management utility ...

AirPort Utility 5.3.1 for Leopard

more about AirPort. What’s New in this Version AirPort Utility v5.3.1 is the simple to use, setup and management utility ...

Directory Utility: Configure domain access

Directory Utility Click Services. Click the lock icon, then enter an administrator’s user name and password. Click Modify...

Disk Utility 12.x: Repair a disk

You don’t have access to Disk Utility Help when you restart up your computer in the next step.) In the Disk Utility Help window...

Get help using Back to My Mac

If you need help using Back to My Mac, follow these steps.

Disk Utility 12.x: Partition a disk

Partition a disk using Disk Utility Partitioning a disk erases all the data on it, assigns it a partition scheme

Logic Pro X: Work with advanced tools and additional options

Logic Proallows you to turn advanced tools and additional option on or off to streamline your workflow.

macOS Sierra: Check the status of your network connection with Network Utility

Use Network Utility to view the status of network connections.

Get help with Find My iPhone

Get help when you don't see your device listed, or you see an unexpected device or an alert that says your device...

Use the kickstart command-line utility in Apple Remote Desktop

you’ve entered the entire command. For more information about the kickstart command, use the - help flag: sudo /System/Library...

Logic Pro X: Use the Audio File Editor Pencil tool

You can use the Pencil tool to correct clicks and pops in your audio, by drawing in the waveform display.

Server Admin Tools 10.5.7

This disc contains remote administration tools , documentation, and utilities that you can install on a computer other...

Mac OS X Server 10.3.4 Admin Tools: Information and Download

This article contains information about the Mac OS X Server 10.3.4 Admin Tools and a link to the software download....

Use color correction tools in Final Cut Pro X 10.4

within the allowable range for broadcast. You can use the waveform monitor to help . Choose View > Show in Viewer > Video...