What is express checkout?

The express checkout option is a convenient shopping feature that allows you to quickly and easily purchase items on the Apple Online Store. Turning on this feature enables a new button, "Buy Now", to display on applicable product pages. Simply select the product you want and click the "Buy Now" button. On the next screen, you can review your order and then enter your Apple ID password. That's it. Apple will process your order according to the express checkout payment and shipping settings you provided at the time of enabling the feature. Express Checkout must be enabled on each computer from which you desire to use this feature. By enabling Express Checkout, you indicate that you have read and agree with Apple's Sales and Refunds Policy.

What are express checkout settings, and how do I enable or disable the express checkout feature?

Express checkout settings are your account preferences, allowing you to shop faster and easier at the Apple Online Store. These include your preferred shipping address and payment method. You can enable or disable express checkout by editing your account settings. You can also enable express checkout from the Thank You page.

Where do I review or edit my express checkout settings?

You can review or edit your express checkout settings by accessing the Account section from the main navigation bar. Sign-in with your Apple ID and password to view your account settings. Click on the Edit button if you wish to edit your shipping address or payment method. You can also enable or disable the express checkout feature for this computer by moving the slider to the respective position.

How can I review my express checkout order?

When you place an express checkout order, you will see a Thank You page confirming your web order number and listing details of the items purchased. In addition, a separate confirmation email is sent to the email address that's registered under your Apple Store Account. You can also view details of this order by clicking on the web order number on the Thank You page, or by accessing the Account section from the main navigation bar.

Can I make changes to my express checkout order?

In most cases, you may be able to cancel an item or an entire order online after you initiate any Apple Online Store transaction, provided that the item(s) in your order have not been prepared for shipment, or have already been shipped. Go to online Order Status to view the order containing the item(s) you want to cancel. From the Order Details page, you can click the "Cancel items" link. Items in your order will be divided into items that are eligible for cancellation online and items that are not. For each item that you can cancel online, you will need to select the item and a reason for cancellation. Once you have submitted your cancellation, we will send an email with details. You can also view your cancellation on the order details page of the order containing your cancelled item(s) the status of the items will read "Cancelled". You will not be billed for these items. If you are unable to cancel item(s) online and need to make a return, please review the Returns & Refunds section of online Help or call 1 800 MY-APPLE.